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Mirena and changes in pain

I've had my Mirena for almost 2 months now. Before the Mirena my pain came in two week cycles, it would start a week before my period and then throughout my period and I'd have two weeks free from it and then it'd be back. But now I'm not having periods because of the Mirena which is good because most of the pain is gone, in fact all of the pain I experienced before has gone. My pain now is different. It's still in two week cycles and I think it is still associated with when I would have had my period because I still get emotional and flu-like. I get pain on my left side, where my ovary would be and it shoots right through my cervix and well..out, if that makes sense. Is this endo pain or do you think it could be something else?

About a month ago I was taken to A&E because I couldn't walk. The pain in my right thigh was so bad, I get this with endo, I felt flu-like, my temperature was 38.9, and I was just a wreck. They put it down to a slight kidney infection but I disagreed, my pain was severe and similar to my endo pain. I said I thought it was to do with my coil and they just dismissed it. Now that I'm starting to feel ill again and getting pain I'm scared that all of that is going to happen again.

Anyone had a similar experience? Or noticed any changes when they got the Mirena?

I'm fed up at the minute, waiting for my first diagnostic lap.

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As I understand it, the Mirena does not affect anything outside the uterus. So you still ovulate and the endo outside your uterus still builds up and then sheds during the time that you would otherwise have had your period. So yes, I still get all the endo period pain that I used to get before the Mirena. Like you, this also affects my legs and feet as well as the areas on my abdomen/pelvis where I still have the endo.

Also, recently I have started bleeding very lightly, but the pain is approaching the pain I used to have during the third day of my period, so presumably my uterine lining is building up and shedding again only a year and a half since I had the Mirena put in. It took 6 months to stop bleeding so if this continues, the Mirena has only given me a year of significant pain reduction.

Good luck for your lap, they may be able to remove whatever is causing your acute problems at the moment.


Hi LittleReba,

I had the Mirena coil fitted back in May last year. It took me a while to get used to it but after a couple of months or so my periods also stopped, which is great and my overall emotion and mood is a lot better as I have suffered with terrible PMT since I can remember (at least two weeks out of every month). I had my first lap in November 2012 and was diagnosed with stage 2 endo and the pain eased off for some time, however since about October I have been in lots of pain in my abdomen, down my leg, knees etc, shivers down my leg and pain in my lower back. I also feel like I need to wee constantly. I had an ultrasound recently and it showed that I have a 4cm cyst, so I guess that may explain all the pain. I am now waiting to see the gynaecologist again, so not sure it is a result of the mirena, or just something that happened anyway, but just want the pain to stop.

Good luck with your lap and hope all goes well and you soon feel much better.



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