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Nerve pain after lap and Nortriptyline, has anyone had this? Didn't really understand what the Gyne said yesterday?

So I went to my appointment yesterday but didnt really understand what the Gyne was trying to explain. I had my lap to remove deep infiltrating endo from US Ligs and POD at the start of Sept. Been in waaaay worse pain since, constant, sharp, painkillers dont work etc. Finally got to see a different gyne yesterday and he thought it was nerve pain? But NOT nerve damage from Lap. Something about the nerves are used to firing and need to calm them down? cant really get my head round it? Has removing the Endo exposed the nerves?? Or have to nerves been cut? I dont understand!

He is putting me on Nortriptyline to calm the nerves down. Has anyone else had this? Does it work? what side effects does it give you?

He says if this doesnt work then maybe another Lap, but need to give it a good try first

Im off to America 22nd Jan to go snowboarding until May. I AM DEF going this time, I have already had to cancel so many snowboard plans this season due to all the pain. But I am a bit worried about snowboarding on these new drugs. Will I be ok??

A million questions, sorry!!! I hope you are all ok. Im so grateful that I found this site, it really is my lifeline at the moment! x x x

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I had an op beginning of October and I am currently suffering with nerve pain. I am on anti epileptic drugs to deal with the nerve pain (apparently anti epileptics deal with neuropathic pain) and they've really helped.

The way my gynae described it to me was the that endo cells have created their own blood supply and nerve cells. When the endo was removed this left raw nerve cells and the signals are still being sent to the brain. It's not nerve damage as that implies numbness/loss of feeling. The pain will stop within 6 months when the blood supply stops.

Good luck!




Thanks you so much for your reply. Nortriplyline sounds similar to the pills you are on, think they deal with neuropathic pain too. Thats so good that they have helped you, fingers crossed they help me too

Thank you for explaining it to me, makes more sense than how the doc explained it. He was so technical I just couldn't grasp it! You said pain will stop within 6 months of the blood supply stopping, does your medicine stop the blood supply? Or is there another way to do this?

Just as a matter of interest, where was your endo? What was your pain like??? Worse/diff to your pain before the lap?

Thank you again, really appreciate it:) x x x x


The pain will stop as soon as the blood supply stops (which happens due to the endo cells being cut out) which takes up to 6 months from the op. That's what I've been told anyway.

My endo is extensive (around all my organs up to my stomach) but the excision was done on my womb and rectum.

The pain was the same for a while with new pains. Now I just have the new, neuropathic pain but it's already decreased significantly.

Glad I could help. Hope you have a speedy, successful recovery. Take care xxx


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