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Hysterectomy Cancelled less than 24 hours before. Support needed

So bloody down, After over a year of pain tramadol zoladex and hrt i thought tomorrow was the day of my hysterectomy and hopefully pain would be gone. Oh no got phone call, sorry op been cancelled due to bed shortage. So down trying to chivvy myself up. Pain and lack of sleep loss of blood not helping. Any clues how long this will take ?

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Aw, nothing worse I've had private care, but I too had operation cancelled before Christmas different reason but it's hard to pick yourself up when pain becomes such a major part of your life. Mine was delayed 3weeks and I was nearly counting the hours at the end. My advice would be to push for a new date and re-focus to that, but insist they do not cancel you again due to the additional stress it causes. Good luck x


Thank you so much for your reply. Just woke up and first thought was yeah today the day but soon realised nope its not. Going to focus and push for new date x


Oh no, what a pain :( I do feel for you, it's not just the ongoing pain, you get yourself psyched up for it mentally and everything in you is working towards that date, and when it doesn't happen you don't really know what to do or think.

They won't have cancelled it lightly though, and I am sure that when you think about it you'll know that you'd rather be cared for properly than be squeezed in at a time when they're obviously working flat out. It's rubbish, but unfortunately these things happen, it's nobody's fault; they get emergencies in and the health service is so squeezed these days that there's no room for contingency.

The good news is that you'll be a priority now so it shouldn't take too long to reschedule. Hang in there, and lots of love

C xxxx


Thank you Chrissy. x


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