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Is it back already?

I'm 22 years old and last year I got referred to the hospital with severe abdominal and back pain, pain bleeding and vomiting during and after sex, after scans etc the gyne doctor pain he wants to do a lap and cautery to cervix as I had an extropion on my cervix.. I had this op in November and they burnt endo away and now I have loads of pain back is it possible for it to be back so soon? Thankyou for reading

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Hiya, i'm new to the forum, nice to meet you. When i had my lap (beginning of october)... When i came round my consultant asked why i refused the mirena (they wanted to put it in while i was under as it's meant to help endo) i told them i wanted to start trying for a baby this year and she literally jumped down my throat, but not in a nasty way, and was like if you don't want this to come back soon you need to start trying as soon as you have recovered or have the coil. So as soon as i was better me and husband started trying but we have now separated (long story) so no pregnancy and also no coil and sure enough just 8 weeks after my op i was doubled over with endo pain couldn't move out of bed. I always get my worst endo pain when i come on my period. I had the mirena put in about 5 weeks ago and just got to when i should have had my period but i didn't get one just brown discharge and very light spotting and didn't get the endo pain. Just some very light period pain. Sorry for the essay. I guess in short my answer would be yes you can as i had it. Xx


Hi, im sorry to say yes it can come back that quickly i've had 3 operations since 2010 and each time it came back within months. Im now trying the mirena coil and see my doc this wednesday to see how im doing im not too hopeful though as my pain is back but i will have to wait and see.


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