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1st lap on 29th Jan seems so far away when in constant pain and constantly feeling sick :-(

Hi all I hope your all having as good a day as poss

In last 4 weeks I have lost 9kg (which I need to lose weight! ) due to having bad diarrheoa and sickness. (TMI) Struggling to keep even water down. In a lot of pain too as I cant keep my meds down. Feel extremely tired, light headed, really low and struggling to do even the easiest of tasks. Then I've got the guilt of been my hubby's carer which is a joke at present I can barely look after me. He is so supportive and understanding even with everything he is going through. He has Multiple Myeloma which is terminal cancer and on top of that at the moment he has a chest infection and he's telling me to rest and relax, how amazing is he. . Even when I'm not being sick I constantly feel like I'm going to be at any moment. I tried mint tea and ginger but no improvement. I also tried eating small light meals more often instead of the 3 meals a day but still no joy. Sorry for this endless tripe just at a very low ebb. Really hope your all feeling better.

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Hello, So very sorry to hear you are suffering so and your poor husband as well.Are you sure the symptoms you are experiencing are endo related?I would advise going to your Dr right away, especiallyy if you are not tolerating water or even call out of hours Doctor.Sound as if this has gone on too long.

Do let us know how you are doing.If your husband is unable to care for himself,doctor can arrange respite at a hospice -my uncle had the same and then aunt ended up in hospital,so hospice was arranged for my uncle.

Sending you hugs and prayers.


Hi Daffodil, thanks for your reply. My gynae is convinced its endo but obviously will have to wait for lap to either confirm or not. I have an app on Monday to see my GP so I think I'll try to wait for that as he is brilliant and very understanding and knows all about hubbys illness etc. Thankfully not been sick today just feel sick and managed to keep some food and water down :-).

That's interesting I didn't know the doc could arrange that and it does help with the constant worry I have about him with me in this state! Earlier this year we were told he'd had tried all available chemotherapy for his condition and the last lot he had really took it's toll on him. We were told if this current chemo didn't work then we were looking at palliative care. Thankfully this regime is really working and he has significantly improved, so over the moon about that.

I'm sorry your uncle had the same it's not the easiest of things to watch your loved ones go through. I hope your aunt is better also and That you are well too.

Thank you for your very kind words. Love and hugs to you hun x


Hey so sorry to hear this dilema you are in. Your poor husband and poor you.

I am only a paediatric nurse, but would still say you need urgent care by either on call gp or even a and e this weekend.

First off you can be given anti sickness tablets which may help life be more manageable.

That is a huge amount of weight to loose so quickly even if needed so you gp needs to keep an eye on your blood results especially if you have vomiting and diarrohea as your salts in your body may be derranged due to dehydration.

You should try and take rehydration sachets from over the counter to replace these salts but being as ill as you sound they should be doing an emergency operation on you. Or at least assessing you in hospital.

Please ask your gp to help you arrange respite and hospice cover for your husband on monday. Hospices are brilliant at coordinating things and it will help take the strain of worrying about each other off both your minds.

You are an inspiration for being so strong but dont put yourself at risk. You may have burst a cyst or got an internal infection which is giving you sickness and diarrohea both those and undxplained abdominal pain is a medical emergency. I dont want to panic you but just to get treated. Reassuring if you kept things down today, but please if things get bad again get checked straight away.

Lots of love to youxxx


Thanks for your kind words LIllil. I will seek help sooner if things do continue as they are. I'm sure some ladies are much worse off than I am (and probably don't complain unlike me! ) the not knowing for def is just as bad. I have been trying with the rehydration salts so hopefully not too bad in that area. Hubby and I have decided to move in with my parents so they can help us out. I wasn't sure if 9kg was a lot or not as I'm still in stones as my head can't compute kgs! I did go to A&E on the 4th Dec and they did tell me to come back if things didn't improve. My problem is I feel like I'm wasting their time! They also told me my blood pressure was high 206/116? That's why I originally made this app for gp at their request. Thanks again and I hope your pain free, love to you.


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