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Had laparoscopic surgery to cut out/burn off severe endo 4 weeks ago. When can i start exercising again?

Had to have ovary suspended whilst i was healing and since that stitch was removed have felt better, still feel nauseous daily but this morning feel as bad as i did after surgery. Its my first full week back at work so is it maybe just my body feeling tired? I normally do swimming, cycling, jogging and yoga and was thinking of going swimming tomorrow - is this a good idea? Hated being laid up after the op so eager to get back to exercising of some sort. Any advice appreciated :)

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I can totally relate with you on this. I had my surgery 1 month ago, my right ovary and fallopian tube was removed. Being a fitness freak and a dancer I too am very restless to get back in shape and my exercise routine.I do swimming, yoga and jogging too. But my doctor advised me not to swim as it might cause some sorta infection. So I stick to power walks and a bit of yoga. You could go cycling too. But please take it slow , you wouldn't wanna cause damage by straining too much.

Take care!!

God bless


Thank you for replying - i tried cycling yesterday and it absolutely killed me, really bad shooting pains in right side and sickness - have been suffering with sickness since last Fri and today really bad dizziness. Have very severe endo, was very messy once they got inside - couldn't carry out all of the surgery as it would have taken too long, a lot cut out and burnt off but still a fair bit which they are going to try and control with hormone injection for 6 months. How do you feel in yourself? Dont feel well at all, feel as bad now as i did after surgery :(



Its really sad that you are going through so much of pain. :( I am sailing in the same boat! Almost every single day I have shooting pains and nausea. I totally understand its not the best feeling ! All we can do is follow all the instructions the doctors give us and hope to get well soon :)


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