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laparotomy to remove tubes and endo and pains and heartbroken after loosing my dog!

hi all. I had a laparotomy nearly 2 weeks ago to remove my tubes which were severely swollen and removal of endo. The op went well and I have been told all went to plan after op but wont speak to doctor properly until my check up in 6 weeks time. I was originally upset knowing my tubes needed removing but my doctor believed these were causing the majority of pain along with the adhesions sticking them to ovary and bowel which I believe have been cut away too. I was hopefull this would be true and was glad to get the op sorted. I had 2 beautiful dogs that are my babies and have helped me deal with it all. so the week before my op my oldest dog jimmy developed epilepsy and was put on tablets to control it. although he had a few more fits blood tests showed that for a dog nearly 12 he was quite healthy so believed that it could be caused by a brain tumour as he had several lumps but otherwise well. so I was worried but he was fine while I was in hospital and having them lay on my bed with me while I recovered has been lovely, however on Tuesday jimmy had several fits which led to being in a constant fit and sadly after many hours he went to sleep. as you can imagine when you don't have kids these were my babies and has left me heartbroken.

so during the fits I forgot about myself and tried to help calm him and sat on the floor with him knowing I shouldn't be jumping up and down and had to pull my other dog away who is very heavy and felt like I pulled every muscle in my tummy. by the time the vet arrived I was in agony but couldn't rest until he had gone.

so I have taken the tramadol that ive been on since the op which has helped but this morning woke to what felt like an electric shooting pain running from the side of my groin up through where my ovary would be which is where I had pain initially after op but not since leaving hospital. if I move my leg or stand on that leg it gets worse but if im laying in bed not moving it aches but no shooting pains till I move .

so I know im not ment to be lifting, pulling, pushing anything heavy for at least 6 weeks so does anyone know what ive done should I be worried or just keep in bed till it eases??? my other dog is getting lots of cuddles but seems very sad looking for his brother.they have been there for me on the worst days and for that im glad he was in my life but will be missed so much. xx

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I'm so sorry about Jimmy hun I too feel like that about my pets. As for your pain I think I would have to get it checked as you could easily have pulled something. I'm only new on here so that's really the limit to my advice but I wish you well and hope it get better soon.



I justed wanted to say that I'm very sorry to hear your sad news, I know exactly how you feel, without children my kitties are everything to me and I too have recently had to send one of my kitties to sleep whilst at home recovering from surgery, we put it off for a couple of weeks as I couldn't emotionally deal with it immediately after my surgery so can't imagine what a shock you've had so soon after. I'm now a couple of weeks on and it is getting easier, my other kitties are getting spoilt with all the extra attention!

As for your pain, you have possibly hurt yourself, if I was you I would stick with bed rest and dose up on painkillers for a day or so and if still unbearable phone your consultants secretary to let your consultant know and get their advice, however if its a new pain or really doesnt feel right it may be worth trying to contact them tomorrow as its nearly the weekend x


Dear Lillyflower.

I just wanted to send you my condolences on the death of Jimmy. I have always had dogs and it's so heartbreaking when one of them passes away. Give yourself time and permission to grieve .

God bless jimmy! He was fortunate to have you as his owner. X

Regarding your pain, in your situation I would go and see your GP tomorrow just to get things checked out. In the meantime get plenty of rest and regular pain killers.

Lots of love,

Barbara. X


I'm so sorry to hear about your dog- I love my two so much -Amber gives me the best hugs when I'm feeling down! (she's in my pic). I can't imagine how stressful and shocking it must be to have to deal with that post op - you have all my sympathies.

I'm two weeks on from a lap, not nearly as extensive as yours, and I've been getting quite a lot of pain in my left side, feels quite a lot like nerve pain, especially if I try to do too much. I did ask the doctor when I saw her Monday, and she thought that it was a combination of irritation from the gas and bruised nerve endings...

If you are really worried you could maybe get a phone appointment just to ask the doctor what they think? Then at least you don't need to be leaving the house. And as with any kind of healing, I guess it's just lots of rest and sleep, and a huge dose of patience! Hugs to both you and your dog, xx


I cannot imagine the agony you are going through. After my last two lap procedures, my three dogs never left my side. People who are true "dog people" understand the emotion and loss you are dealing with. I hope you have some true dog people near you to comfort you. It's hard enough having a disease that most people don't understand, but then to lose your baby is just unbearable. Many people won't understand how deep your sorrow is for Jimmy. You and your other dog are going to take great care of one another. I'm so so sorry you are going through this. Please rest and take it easy.


Hi Hun.

I am so pleased to hear that your op went well and was a success as i know you were starting to get anxious about it all. I hope they give you all the info when you next see them. Have been thinking of you and how it went.

I am so sorry tho to hear about the passing of your dog Jimmy! That could not have been easy for you to see him suffering like that. I suppose there is some consolidation that he was not suffering for long as it only begun a few weeks ago. But still doesn't make it easy or nice. I hope the pain gets easier for you.

Sorry to hear you are suffering with this horrendous pain now. I would either contact your gp or try and get through to your consultant who did the op about your current pain. Sounds like you have pulled or torn something. It could be nothing and just the shock of doing stuff so soon after the op, but better to get it checked out for peace of mind. I hope it eases off for you very quickly.

Once again I am glad the op went well. You brave, strong lady xxx sending you hugs xx


Hi all, I just wanted to say thankyou for all the replies. I was a bit of an emotional mess and wanting to just hide away. I knew I wouldn't manage to even get to the car to get to doctors so spent the week in bed doing nothing. I did speak to the surgery to get some more strong painkillers and decided if it got any worse I'd be in a and e! So after about 3 days I had managed to walk without as much pain and so believed complete rest must be working! I'm now a lot better and can walk around the house with some pain but more manageable.

I also arranged for my beautiful jimmy to be cremated by dignity crematorium who were so lovely even when I just cried down the phone! We now have jimmys ashes in a beautiful heart ornament and somehow it's comforting go have him home. It's been horrid but I do wonder if all this stress agrevated all the pain too. Anyway it's getting easier and I'm talking about him without the tears now and moving around easier so things can only get better from here!

I'm sorry I haven't replied sooner I just needed to hide from the world for a while but all your comments really helped so thankyou so much and I hope you all have a merry Xmas and I'm hoping next year will be better for us all! Xx


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