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Right ladies, i went to see my consultant (gynea) that's above the doc that sent me for the lap. She has now told me the result.Confused ATM

Right so when i awoke from my lap all i was told, was that they had removed the cyst in my overy and some scarring tissue on my fallopian tubes. Then when was given my first zoladex on the 20/11/2013 they said i had endo. On thursday this doc had told me that they had removed all endo found the cyst which was an endo cyst and the scarring tissue caused from when i had my appendix out. She has said that the very small amount of endo i have left shouldn't be leaving me with any pain. So is referring me to pain clinic (iv already prepared and started and pain and medication diary) shes also said that i dont have pcos were it will stop me having babies but i do have cysts in my overies. im so confused i got my doc who i trust 100% to triple and triple check and hes always said for 4years I have pcos. Iv also told her that the zoladex worries me as our concern at the moment is getting pregnant again. shes then told me to not go for my next zoladex injection on the 20/12 and to start trying for a baby straight away. im so confused. i thought the zoladex can make your baby disabled bodied and other complications. im also confused about the pcos thing and also if its not the endo causing my pain what the bloody hell is it? as im in so much pain still and its all the way through the month

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If you only started zoladex on 20th Nov, and that was 2 weeks ago - you should be in the flare stage which makes all the symptoms much worse as the body is flooded with hormones so much that they cause the pituitary gland in the brain to shut down. It makes all endo activity more intense while this is happening but only for a week or two. then everything shuts down overloaded with chemicals.

You would expect any endo pain to be considerably angry while this flare stage process is happening- then after that has passed and the ovaries are shut down- that is when you can judge how much relief you are getting and how much of that pain you were in was down to endo.

As you are in the 2nd to 3rd week of the 1st implant now is not the time to judge the effects of the drug on the endo. Pain is normal at this stage. You have to read the patient information notes for zoladex and it explains this.

See how you feel a few days before the next implant is due, as the flare stage should be over by then.

If you feel a dramatic relief from the pain then it is probably the endo that is causing it.

If you don't feel any relief by the time the next implant is due, your pains are not likely directly from endo and probably to do with something else as yet not known.

So be patient and see how things pan out in the coming days.

Zoladex is not a contraceptive nor is it a pain killer. It can stop the endo but doesn;t cure it only pauses the endo activity.

You are correct and it is not safe to have zoladex in the body if you are pregnant.

However because it shuts down the ovaries they can take up to 5 months to wake up. That is the average length of time- by which stage the drug is well out of the system.

The residue can be in your body for the 4 months after your last implant went in, in trace amounts.

Did they explain to your about zoladex before giving you the 1st implant? It seems a strange decision to take it when pregnancy was your overriding goal. Sounds like you were just given it with no warning at all. [much like what happened to me ]

anyhow - the deed is done, and cannot be reversed and you can quit and not have another one - that is entirely up to you.

The patient information leaflet is freely available on line- just google Zoladex patient information leaflet and read through the details.

It will explain about the flare stage you are going through right now.

Having multiple cysts in the ovaries doesn't necessarily mean PCOs, most healthy women have several eggs maturing at the same time even though only one or two hatch each month at ovulation there could be a dozen or more in preparation for later ovulations. Each egg sac is a cyst as it is developing. it does mean the supply is good- but doesn't give any indication of the quality of them.

Nothing you can do for the moment, so see how things pan out in the next couple of weeks and decide a couple of days before the next implant whether you have seen any improvement in pain levels and whether you want to remain on zoladex over x-mas and in to the new year or quit right away and not have the next one.

And keep your fingers crossed that your ovaries do wake up in about 3 months time when the drug is gone and you are ready to start TTC.

You can have sex before that- but use a condom if you definitey don't want to risk a pregnancy with so much zoladex remaining in you.

Remember too that the drug reduces your libido to zero and can dry up the vagina- so if you need extra lubrication to avoid hurting yourself then make sure you have that to avoid last minute disappointments.


Thankyou so much, i have woke up this morning with a banging head ache which wont go at all my pain in my stomach is 10 times worse than usually i feel sick but cant be sick my lower back is in agony and I'm struggling to walk or even keep my eyes open. I'm in so much pain today and the 4dihydrocodine i took at 9:55am has not kicked in at all


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