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Just back from gyne after waiting 1hr 1/2 to be told nothing showed up on MRI And would I like to go estrogen cream!

I was told by gyne that endo only really shows up between bowel and womb, except I had a hysterectomy 12 years ago! Since my insides were a complete mess and they had todoa partial colonoscopy. Am feeling very down since I feel I'm not being taken seriously although I've lived with endo for 24 years. He didn't take any notice of my exstesive history and the fact that they couldnt remove all endo on my last op. Nor did he take notice that when they put me on hrt last year all my old symptoms came back with avengence to the stage i stopped taking it. I told him I had shooting pains from groin down to knee which he told me was a nerve trapped but when mentioned it went Away when taking cerrozette he couldn't answer that! Also when i mentioned lower back pain I got told its my ostoprosis playing up! All he will offer is the pain clinic. And to top it off he offered me estrogen cream so I can have normal relations with my husband!

I'm 40 years old and I feel my life's over. My day consists of; husband makes me a coffee so can take pain killers, wait for them to kick in before i can go down stairs, then spend rest of day curled up on sofa and if im really lucky i mite be able to be normal and go a friends for coffee! Im not even able to eat properly since my bowels agony all the time and am dreading Christmas dinner at my mums since don't want to look like im being picky.

Sorry for rant had to get it off my chest. Not sure which way to turn now : -(

Hope your all having a better day

Jane39 xx

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Is he having a laugh!!,,!

estrogen and endo do not go together. Surely, surely that man must know that. Please go to another gynea and try to find one that treats you like a person. I know it's a lot of hassle and time searching for one but it should be worth it. Sorry you are going through this and for so long, no woman should suffer like this. X


Yes please do as wp22 has said......GET A SECOND OPINION!!! Sorry for the raised caps, just letting out my frustration of you being fobbed off with wrong information. As for you being concerned about Christmas, please don't worry, just explain to your Mum what is happening with you food wise and perhaps she can give you a smaller plate or something different to eat so that you don't feel as if you are being "picky". I'm sure your family won't be thinking that of you, and they will just be wanting you to be well again xx


Thank you both for your advice, its good to know theres other lasses out there that understand. I will go and see about a second opinion. Ive got my bone consultant on 18th and she is very understanding. She wanted to consult with my gyne about the me being on Raloxifene hydrochloride to try and stop the ostoprosis getting any worse. She even checked up about them effecting endo sufferers, which my gyne had no clue about! So Im going to see if shes got any clout to get me a second opinion.

Thank you Fordie777 I will speak to my mum about having just the things i can eat and that its nothing to do with her cooking



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