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Dissapointing experience - lap at a listed endo centre

Home now after having lap and haemorroidectomy in same GA. had been waiting a year for this op and was seen last year by endo consultant who promised me he'd be the one to operate. Sadly he's very ill so not working but nurse at pre op assessment said the head endo consultant would operate. On the day I was seen by senior reg and asked for consent to be in trial which involved blood test and removing uterine biopsy. I gave him photocopies of my previous laps as the original consultant said he would excise where last surgeon had previously lasered. I also checked he knew I'd had endo in the pouch of Douglas and that I wanted my mirena coil out. This was on the consent form. In the end I was operated on by a junior reg who'd never met me who was supervised by a consultant who does not list himself (on dr Foster website or hospital website) as an endometriosis specialist (he specialises in urinary gynae probs which I don't have!). They forgot to take the mirena out and said they found no endo, they also didn't carry out the research procedure I'd been consented for. I feel completely betrayed. I would not have had the op there if I had known an endo specialist was not there. I didn't have huge amounts of endo but as original specialist said small amounts of endo can cause lots of pain and non endo specialists often don't visualise the pouch of Douglas (between rectum and vagina) effectively. I had to have mirena out in clinic fully conscious yesterday but at least they gave me morphine. Now I don't know whether I really don't have endo now and something else was causing pain or if they were just not skilled enough to see it. I had put so much faith in going to an endo centre and feel so let down. The bowel surgeon was fabulous though. Now at home feeling quite uncomfortable. Should I complain or will that compromise my future care?

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Ring pals. Every hospital sud have them. Dey can den help u decide whether to complain or take further action. I'm currently waiting for them to ring me back about d rubbish treatment I got last week when I had my lap.

As far as I'm concerned i just don't want another woman to go through what I did.

If dat doesn't work deres d cqc.

But if ur not happy I wouldn't let it pass. I don't no about u but I've spent enuf of my life having doctors treat me like I'm making my illness up and not respecting me.


If I was in your situation, which I was sort of, not as bad, I would go to medical lawyers, they're free confidential advice is very good, unfortunately I didn't have a case because my consent form said I consent to anything being done in surgery to help me but if you didn't consent to having a junior or anything else that happened then you should report that and also go to pals like classiebird said, they didn't help me either but your case is worse than mine so they might work with you, good luck. And dont worry about future care because at the end of the day, it should have gone the way you were told so its there fault not yours, surgeons seem to think because were asleep we won't know something isn't going as planned and try to get away with it but we know our bodies so yeah, I'm rambling sorry, good luck again.

Leya :) x


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