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Just wanna see if I'm normal :(

Hello, I'm 23 years old, diagnosed with endo at 18 via laparoscopy. Since my 1st 'clear out' I fell pregnant with my now 4yo little girl (young but my consultant said I needed to get kids outta the way young) since having my daughter I suffered a 3 month long period, had the mirena coil fitted which stopped the daily bleed & kept me regular as clockwork for my monthlys. However last year I suffered a 4cm cyst on my left ovary (which was left by the nhs to burst on its own) taken to private health by Bupa and had a bit of internal bleeding from the rupture! I'm now in pain again, down my legs, lower back, sharp pain on lhs & have been told I have an endometrial cyst on my left ovary again & we need to stop my periods completely to allow my body to clear the cyst & absorb a large 12mm pool of blood behind my womb! :( anyways I'm now on the pill aswell as the coil to stop the bleeding but I'm still in pain & since I have started my pill 4 days ago I have bled black dark blood everyday! I have a review in January but need to know if there is a light at the end of my tunnel :( my consultant is telling us to have our children soon if we want more but I'm so young for lots of kids & I'm very scared the decision is going to be taken out of my hands :( thnx for reading & sorry for essay x

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It's most definitely not an essay, you should look at some of my posts lol, a lot of scrolling down. Anyway, I'm in the same predicament baby-wise at the moment and as for the whole cyst thing, I am having that happen every few months, I get one then it bursts then it comes back then bursts, you get the gist. But you're most definitely not alone, and for a lady with endo, you're normal, if there is such a thing. I also have liquid in my POD which I think may be blood from cysts previous. My gynae made me have the implant a year and a half ago and I had an ongoing period for 99% of that time and now I've been on Evora contraceptive patches for about a week and a half and I've only just finished my period. Whenever I have a new contraceptive I bleed for 2 weeks to 2 months so its nothing unusual. I think if you're in a loving relationship and you think this is the one, go for the children but if not then maybe give it a think. I will have the worst chance of conceiving so am wanting to do it soon (I'm still 17) but I know that who I'm with will never leave or treat me bad, he's amazing and I am so grateful for that. Even if you don't get to have any more, cherish the one you do have and love her with your whole heart and more. Glad you're with private care (wish I could afford it) and that you're sort of being helped. If the bleeding hasn't stopped by next week, go to your docs and see if they can give you some tablets to stop you're period, there are a few but none worked for me, just made it a little less.

Hope that's helped and sorry for the ramble.

Leya :) xxx

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Im not much older than huni...25 soon to be 26 in April. Ive literally just been diagnosed with endo but my consultant thinks I may have had it since 16 at least. My fiance and I arent exactly ready but he said he support my decision no matter what. But I comcompletely understand how you feel the decision is out of your hands coz I feel the same. But I been thinking and I don't want to wake up in a couple of years to find I can't have a baby ive explained this to my man and hes very supportive. Just make your decision after careful thinking and speaking to lots of people on here and in your life friends etc. Stay positive xx

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Thanks guys, I'm in a secure relationship & we have a daughter already ... I am very grateful for him & her! I am so fed up and frustrated lol


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