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Do you need bowel prep for laparoscopic surgery these days?

Hi all,

Have just for pre op assessment at Uclh- having laparoscopic surgical excision if endo plus haemorroidectomy on tues. freaking out as my consultant is ill and will be operated on by surgeon I've never met & who hasn't seen my previous lap photos from another hospital. Also the nurse said I didn't need bowel prep but I've had piccolax for last two laparoscopies. Is this true? has it changed? Feeling a bit scared now as had placed a lot of faith in my consultant. Wishing you all a good day. Thanks for any advice.

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Awwww hope u all the best hun. I'm on the waiting list as well! Don't worry about bowel prep if needed the nurse would of told u! All the consultants at that trust are very specialised at Endo so don't worry ur in safe hands. Wish u all the best Hun xxxxx


I didnt have a bowel prep for mine for the one before it which i had in 2011



I've had 3 laps and only had bowel prep for the lap I had with endo and colorectal surgeons. They would have told you by now if you needed it and if they realise on the day that they do want you to its not the end of the world as would then be by enema as pretty imminent effect and can be done as late as an hour before going to theatre - and not as brutal as picolax!


Thanks all- I am having colorectal surgeon present in case endo on bowel plus having haemorrhoidectomy so I am surprised at no bowel prep. I wouldn't be so concerned if It was the surgeon who I've seen before doing the op.


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