Endo and Fibro?

Hi everyone, I am new to this sight and shocked to read about so many people going through exactly what I am. I have had endo since I started having my periods. 2 lapro's, many drugs and it is looking like taking out my ovaries is going to be the next course of action.

I am wondering if anyone else has been diagnosed with fibromyalgia along with endo? I had a bad car accident years ago and am displaying symptoms of both.

I wonder if treating the fibro will help the endo or the other way around? Or neither? I have read that fibro is helped by physical activity but between the endo and the back pain from the accident that is pretty much impossible.

I feel like I have been in a downward spiral for years and now I'm constantly in pain, sad and sooooo tired.

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  • Actually hashimotos hyroid goes hand in hand with endo and fibro

    have you had full thyroid function and thyroid antibodies tests done

  • I have not had any tests so far as we have mostly been focused on the endo but I am going back to the doctor this week to talk about all these other symptoms I am having. My gp is putting me on lupron for 3 months before they take out my ovaries so I want to focus this time on trying to relieve some of the other symptoms and get to the bottom of the cause. I will ask for that testing, thanks so much!

  • The doctor said he suspected fibro after my hearing was more sensitive but the symptoms are very similar to endo. I am going for physio on my hips so I hope that works. I'm just keeping an eye on it.

  • Do you ever getting ringing in your ears?

  • I often hear a wierd hum at night when everything is quiet and certain noises really bother me to the point of making me angry. When my mum uses the hoover it's agonizing and I have to leave the room when using my little coffee machine or the washing machine until they are done.

  • I am the same!

  • Well I haven't been diagnosed with it my doctor has just mentioned it. I hope I don't.

  • I hope you don't either, good luck :)

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