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long struggle with endo


hi everyone im 44 and have struggled with this dreaded thing endometriosis for many many years .5 years ago i had a hysterectomy leaving my overies .last year in may i woke up one morning in terrible pain .it was a ruptured endo cyst .which infected my tummy so very dangerous .since then i have been in pain every time i open my bowel and now when i need a pee .past week i felt very unwell .dizzy faint and nausea.dr have found i have high blood presure .so have taken lots of bloods she doesnt think its conected to the endo .has anyone els experienced this .also i am booked in on the 17th for a nother laparoscopy .

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it sounds like your endo has come back :(

unfortunately it never completely goes, so even having a hysterectomy will not stop it. bit rubbish I know.

endo requires oestrogen and even though our ovaries produce oestrogen, all mammals produce it in smaller amounts, so your case with your ovaries present you may get endo regrowth but even if you had a complete hysterectomy (a friend of mine had it) you could still have regrowth.

let us know what the lap finds xx

ericwatts in reply to farahziya

Thank you for your response. I will keep you postedx

Ovaries have to be removed too as they continue to produce oestrogen which feeds the endo. So does hrt. I just dont understand why gynaes dont explain this to women who undergo womb removal x

ericwatts in reply to Carolamb

I know I feel that I know more about the condition than they do .and this worries me .I feel I have never found a gynae who truly understands it x

Carolamb in reply to ericwatts

I know, i was quite lucky in finding good consultants. I think sometimes you have to google them or go by recommendation

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