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Hi everyone, I have stage 4 endo and have had 3 laps over 5 yrs. my bowel is covered in it and may also be inside. I saw the surgeon today

And need a full hysterectomy and surgery on my bowel which will leave me with a temporary colostomy bag. Can anyone give me info, feedback or tips. Feeling scared as there are heaps of dangers during and after surgery. Has anyone been through this, ty

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Hi there - I'm in exactly the same situation as you. Going to see the cost next week. I am very scared too. Am worried about recovery time and what happens after.


Ladies, use the search box on the green bar at the top of the page as I know that some ladies have had bowel resections and talked about it on the forum in the past. They may not be on the forum too regularly, so it is worth having a look back at previous discussions too as well as asking for recent experiences.

and there is a health unlocked forum for Ostomy patients too. Click on Communities then select letter O for ostomy.


Have all your laps been under the same surgeon? If so I would def get a second opinion, I have had 2, had stage 4 everywhere, bladder, bowel, pod, sacrial ligaments, ureters, everything stuck together, loads of cyst including a 15cm one, and every last bit was removed, my second lap was 6 hours long, had my bowel reinforced and a catheter but only for 5 days, im fine now, just about to start my second round of ivf. Oh had hydrosalpinx and lost my tubes too. I would really seek more advice on this, hear of a lot of surgeons only doing open surgery for bad endo too, my didn't need to

Good luck x

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