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2 laps in 9 weeks, and I feel worse?

ive had 2 laps in the last 3 months, the first one was for treating endo, which was 9 weeks ago, and then 5 weeks ago my surgeon had to go back in to remove my appendix as the endo was spread all over them!

its been 5 weeks, and the pain im getting is worse than before, ive spoken with the doc about it and she keeps telling me its my bodys way of healing!

has anyone else on here had anything similar, I would love to hear your opinion!

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Your gunna still be sore from the ops Hun! Give it at least 3 months til after the last lap before you expect any pain to go away. Your insides have been poked and prodded n cut n burned n god knows what else ! Stay on Ibrufen for the swelling etc , and don't do too much muscle straining on your stomach for a while xxx


I agree with Kymmy, plus hot water bottles did the trick for me in calming the pain too. Get plenty of rest and if I may say, please don't expect too much too soon - you have been through a heck of a lot and you need time to heal both physically and emotionally xx


thanks for your replies ladies,

I know its going to take a fair while to get better but I just need ideas on keeping the pain to minimum, :)

I love my heat pack, I have heaps and also ones that stick to clothing so I can wear it to work when im really struggling :)

Im a retail manager so i have to be at work all day every day, if use have any other ideas to help me let me know!! xx


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