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had surgery to remove endo on Thursday ,still in pain and I have a few questions if anyone can help?

Hi all,

Well on Thursday I had my surgery to treat my endo the doc said he treated my (mild/moderate) endo and the nurse said they removed endometrial cysts?

I had no bleeding after surgery but today I have started bleeding lightly is this normal to not start bleeding until 2 days after surgery? When I had my diagnostic lap in July I started bleeding straight after surgery and bled for a few days.

Also for people who have had surgery to treat there endo how long were you in pain for, and did the surgery mess up your next period? I am mid cycle now?

Thanks for taking time to read this.


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Hi Donna,

I had my surgery last september. I bled straight after surgery which then stopped for a couple of days. During those days I had the pain in my shoulder and pretty bad abdominal pains. Light bleeding then happened for a week (which my gp said was normal). My cycles were all over the show for a few months afterwards, i now hardly ever have my period- just the occasional spotting. However, that is due to me having a mirena IUD put in place to keep the endo at bay until I want to start trying for kids. I still get pains every now and again, but nothing like before! Hope that helps :)


Thanks for replying EmsTag I wasn;t sure what to expect, my light bleeding as stopped now just having dizzy spells and stomach is tender, I just hope this works x


Hi Donna, i had my first lap just over 3 weeks ago. I had very light bleeding for 2 weeks after however, i was due on and i also had the mirena IUD fitted so i think my bleeding was a whole mixture of things. I had endo confirmed, 1 endometriotal cyst removed from my ovary and another one drained both on the left side. I was very sore and quite tender for nearly 2 weeks especially on the left. Due the gas used in the op i too had a painful shoulder and awful pain in my ribs. I have been back at work a week now and only get a slight twinge of pain if i over do something, stretch for example.

get well soon and i hope you have a speedy recovery x


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