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is it possible that a lap made my Endo worse????

so I had my first lap on the 5th Sept and im still in so much pain. They found deep infiltrating endo on my US Ligaments and POD and used excision to remove it all. I also have PCOS

But the pain is even worse than before my lap:( And its a different type of pain. I went back to the surgeon and she thought the pain was because I was constipated due to the Codeine I was taking. But I have stopped taking that for 2 weeks now and its all ok in that department!!! So not sure all the pain is because of that. I also got a urine test done for infection and thats all good. I really dont know what to do. I work on my feet for 9 hours a day, I start off the day ok and then by the end im in agony. Taking painkillers but nothing touches the pain

I used to do lots of exercise and be really active, but now when I do anything im in so much more pain the next day. So tired and its a real effort to do anything.My life has completely changed from 2 months ago :( Cant remember the last day without pain

Really worried that my lap has actually made it all worse rather than better:(:( I was really looking forward to at least a couple of pain free months

Has this happened to anyone else????? What could it be??? x

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Hi sorry to hear you're in so much pain. It sounds like you've had some extensive excision or diathermy if they were able to remove it all from your pod. 5th Sept isn't so long ago and you need to give it time for your insides to heal. While you may look totally healed from the outside, you may still be healing on the inside. Make sure you look after yourself at work and take regular rest breaks. Speak to your boss and explain. Hopefully they will be supportive.

I too have endo in my pod and when I had my lap 2 years ago I was told by the gynae that he couldn't remove it by lap. Was it an actual endo specialist that did your op? I think my doc was just a regular gynae. I keep reading on here that other people with the same problem as me have successfully had theirs removed and have been wondering how...

Take care and get well soon :-)


hey! Thanks for your reply:) yeh maybe I just need to give it more time, hopefully it will just go eventually. Not sure if the surgeon that did it was an endo specialist? Think she was a fertility doctor??? She said she got it all, but maybe there was some she missed???

How long did it take you to recover? Did they manage to remove it all from your POD in the end?

Thanks for your help:) Hope your not in too much pain x x


They didn't remove much during my lap. So it's all still in my pod unfortunately. The gynaecologist said I need open surgery by an endo specialist and possibly a colorectal surgeon as the endo adhesions are sticking my womb to my bowels. I've booked an appointment for next Saturday with an endo specialist so we'll see what he can do. Things seem to be getting worse so there's no point putting it off any longer.

When I had my lap they didn't do a lot by way of surgery inside and it still took about 6 weeks to get over it and still had twinges for ages afterwards. Give yourself some time and try to take it easy :-)


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