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What is zoladex and does it work

Ladies I need help the hospital are wanting to operate again and I really don't think I could take having another op as it's now depressing me having to deal with this every month. I'm 27 and I've just started a job I love with a very understanding boss( yes she's female) but am struggling with the pain coz I'm now bleeding every other week. What is zoladex and how does it work? X

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Hi . I didn't have zoladex but I had a injection very similar -decapetyl.

I had a 3 month injection it works by shutting down your ovaries and putting you into a premature menopause.. Not the nicest experience but the last month really helped my pain and my energy levels were amazing. I had hot flushes, night sweats, bad headaches and mood swings but I know some women do go on HRT to help with the symptoms. Overall I read loads different stories of ladies experiences and most of them were pretty positive. It's been 5 months since I first had the injection and I still have no periods (bonus for me lol) read the tags on zoladex - really helpful . Good luck Hun x


Hi Gem,

The last course of treatment I ever wanted was Zoladex... And I waited for as long as possible - my last resort! But here is what I have learnt about it:

It works by shutting down the hormone production in your body - and this causes a temporary menopause. The idea is that endo is caused by too much estrogen and by stopping it you stop the endo getting worse. It also stops your periods, therefore stopping the pain.

The main side effects are menopausal symptoms such as hot flushes (weird till you get used to them!), lack of sex drive, vaginal dryness - I also had a bit of "middle aged spread" but was pretty incapacitated through pain before hand, so not really surprising.

Most Dr's will give you add back HRT to try to help with the side effects but mainly to stop

Bone density loss (osteoporosis). Estrogen plays a huge part in keeping bones healthy and without it your bones will crumble! This is why Zoladex is only usually given for 6 months.

I've had problems with the HRT causing me to bleed and give me pain, and have changed from Tibilone to Everil Conti at half dose... Which seems ok, but I am suffering joint pain, but the hot flushes are much better than without any HRT and I do feel ok!

I'm on a long term course because its the only thing that helps... It's a total godsend!

You are right to be nervous.. It's a pretty big drug to be taking!

My advice, try it - you have nothing to loose! And buy a cardigan (it will become your best friend if you suffer bad flushes!!). But also be aware it takes a good 6-8 weeks to really kick in, don't be surprised if nothing changes to start with!

Some people are really lucky and when they stop they are period and pain free for months... I unfortunately had a period within 5 weeks of the end of my last treatment, hence the long term course!

Good luck with it! Oh, I'd also recommend the three month injection, it seems to be a much steadier form of release than the monthly injection.... And less hassle to get done too!


Thanks that really helped its basically another form of GNHR then? I've had the GNHR twice for 6month each time and it was great for two months after then the pain was back,


I was placed on zoladex for 6 months cos I had the worst endo my doctor had seen actually he told me I will need 3 lap to get the endo out. Miraculously when I had the 1 lap no endo was found which meant that zoladex did it job. The only thing they cleaned out was abscess. But during and after the zoladex I experienced all the side effect from hot flush to suicide thought, I put on so many weight my period hasn't returned for more than 3 years now. I wish you good luck


Ye am not going to be a asking for zoladex and I've not children and as much as I want a pain free life I also want a family


I have a monthly decapeptyl injection to shrink the endo before a lap which I am having in December. It's been a godsend, though the night sweats are pretty awful! It's worth researching.

I'd also make sure you are being treated by an endo specialist, and not just a gynae. Don't get me wrong I was diagnosed by a fertility gynae, and she did my first 2 laps and was great, but I now have more information and more choices with a specialist.

Once I have my lap I will hopefully be having IVF, and I know that there are other women on here who have conceived after xoladex or decapeptyl.

Hope that helps!


Ye I'm under a specialist and he's not mentioned this to me, before. It does thanks though it's worrying me as a lot of people have said they've not had a period for a few years after it,


I thought I had stage 4 endo...... emmmm try hearing your surgeon say that during the op she actually said to her fellow surgeon where the hell is her uterus! In fact it's so frozen surgery was terminated as it was to dangerous as they could have damaged my bowl or other organs!

Zoladex has been prescribed & to be period free has proved a complete godsend, yeah it's not a nice injection but a walk in the park compared to endo pain & bleeding stress.im worried about when my 6mths is up. I don't wanna go back to life pre zoladex.

I have an appointment in oct to see a professor @ a specialist clinic I'm preying something can be done! Let's hope so 🙏🙏🙏


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