Help :(

Has anyone experienced a bloody discharge with endo or a cyst or anything not too serious!? I googled and all I got was cervical cancer, I had the hpv vaccine when I was 16 and I'm almost 23 so although it's scared me I'm not convinced it's that. I don't know just so scared :( I have an ultrasound booked in 2weeks time as I've had pelvic pain in my right side for a year.. I'm sure if the bloody discharge was anything to do with my pain it would've happened within a year? Someone please reassure me!

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  • I had this before my lap, it was a symptom of my endo. It needs checking of course but there are lots of things that it could be caused by that aren't cancer.


  • Thank you Janine makes me feel a bit better! X

  • I had blood in discharge and i had a cyst burst, so for me it wasnt anything more. How is the colour of the blood?I had pain for a long time and feeling not myself. Taken a long time to have a scan and then they realised i had a large cyst on my ovary and this was causing pain and discomfort. It is good that it will be checked out for you. Good luck!

  • Hi Natalie, the bloods not dark it's just like pinky/red.. I've had the pain for a year and the blessings not loads it is literally spotting although the I didn't think spotting would be in like a discharge form so maybe I'm wrong in calling it spotting I don't know.. I'm not really in pain unless I'm in certain positions like transitioning from laying down to sitting up in bed of vide versa, it's sort of a stitch like pain and never moves that's what made me think a cyst especially with it feeling to me like it's around my right ovary. I just thought I'd have more symptoms by now with it being a year monster what it was.

    Thanks for taking your time to reply to me I'm such a worrier!

  • Wow how stupid am I.. By Natalie I mean Naomi! Only just woke up haha!

  • You worry, because it is your body and you dont knpw what is goimg on, so no wonder!

    I had a largr cyst on my right dide and it could be really uncomfortable, specially laying down in bed. Kerp an eye on this blood, wrote ot down when it happens and take it back to gp. It is important to have more information.

    Good luck!!

  • Thank you! It's not a constant bleed it's just bits here and there tgroughout the day. My periods have always been very heavy if have to wear 2 pads swell as a tampon and still soak trough so this is nothing to me except worry invade it's something bad! X

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