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Hands up if you hate your GP?

Is it just my GP who is completely unsympathetic and unhelpful? Short story is I've always had horrible periods/PMT and always suspected endo but was fobbed off by every GP I've seen for the last 15 years. Then in February I was suddenly really sick and in lots of pain, was passed about between a and e, GP, locum GP and then various gastro docs who couldn't work it out and ended up with "it's IBS".

I then asked to be referred to gynae and was asked "could this all be in your head?" - those exact words. I insisted on a referral, had lappy on 14th and turns out I did have endo which was treated by diathermy.

Been off work a week and called GP today for a sick note - didn't want to go in and see anyone as I'm feeling really emotional and still so upset about the "in your head" comment. I explained that I was in too much pain to go into work and his response was "really? Most people are ok by now" then just said he'd leave my note at reception. No follow up, no advice, nothing.

I'm so upset and wound up. Is it too much to expect to be treated like a person not a collection or symptoms - which may or may not be "in my head".

I also managed to get an email to the surgeon via his clinic asking lots of questions - mostly about what the hell is wrong with me and how much of it is caused by the endo. He ignored almost all of it but did make an appointment for me to discuss my "minor endo".

Sorry about the rant - I feel really guilty when I know so many people have things much worse than me but I'd really appreciate any advice of how to move forward and get some help!


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Keep asking questions. I am 43yrs. At 15 I was told I had IBS. In my 20's + 30's I had a few blips with my bladder, pelvic area etc. Then I was told my IBS was severe and had to take two different medications. This lasted 3yrs! I finally got diagnosed with endo 6ish year ago. I have tried mini pill, painkillers, Injections and laser treatment. The laser treatment did work and lasted about 2ish year. I started to have bother with my stomach and bowels last year so ended up at a gastro doc who said AGAIN its my IBS, my gyno said it was my endo. I finally took myself to a private place and had intolerance tests which came back positive! So now I have to watch that I dont eat too much dairy, fruit and pigs meat. I went in again in February this year to get more laser treatment but unfortunately it was "too dangerous" where it was and told that my left side is "completely stuck" and my right side has "lots of adhesions". So now I am at present getting injections backed with HRT. My gyno said I don't have a choice regarding the HRT because I am too young but I don't want to take it. Its ok I suppose but I can manage the side effects of the injections better than the HRT. So keep pushing and asking question, its hard when everyone things its all in your head.



If I were you I would ring around other gp surgeries locally asking if they have a woman doctor that deals with womans health and register there (change doctors). Then when you have done that make a complaint about the old surgery, bloody disgrace that a doctor says that to a patient.

My gp an staff are brilliant couldn't fault them really x



So sorry you feel like you are not getting proper attention and support from your doctors, I really think you should try a different GP. My GP is brilliant but she is often not in and only works part time and I had a proper run in with another GP a couple of months ago who had absolutely no clue about endo or prostap injections and told me my only option was to wait 3 months and see what happened and try to get pregnant - I went berserk at that point as he had made it so obvious that he had no clue and didnt like me much when I pointed out that prostap puts you in fake menopause so pregnancy isn't actually an option! He annoyed me so much I actually put a complaint in!

Unfortunately its almost impossible to get advice from the surgeons outside of apts even when private medical, its a major downside of the system as its impossible not to feel like you've been abandoned between having the lap and when you have your follow up apt. I'm glad you have managed to get a follow up appointment booked in, go armed with all your questions and don't leave until you have been able to discuss through all of your questions and concerns and have worked out a treatment plan with the gynae. Another tactic that works well is befriend your gynaes secretary, they can be a massive help in getting info/advice! Don't be put down by it being referred to as "minor" endo, the gynaes are fully aware that the pain and symptoms of endo are only loosely related to how extensive the endo actually is where the smallest amount of endo can cause substantial pain etc.

And ignore your GP saying you should be back to 100% a week on, yes typically women are doing ok a week after a simple diagnostic lap but everyone recovers at a different rate x


I love this group so much. Thank you all so much ladies and I'm sorry you've had such a crap time yourselves. Defo time to rethink my GP. I guess I also just need to start being much firmer and not let them get away with batting me away

Thanks again xxx


Hi hun, You do need to look into changing your GP and also putting in a complaint about your doc, as he will continue to be like this with other patients and why should he be able to treat people like this when he is supposed to be in a caring position! My doctors are all fantastic and I would go to see any of them, they always listen and treat the symptoms not the illness. Both me and my husband both had to put in complaints last week about our consultants (my husband has chronic colitis) as we were spoken to as if we were stupid and with no respect, bizarre really, but both of our complaints were dealt within 48 hours, it made me feel better as I'm fed up with being treated like some sort of hypercondriac. I do hope you find a good doc and don't give up or let it lie, keep asking questions and you will get answers. Take care X


You're right when I'm feeling stronger I do need to do something cos it's not right. If anything he needs some education xx


Forgot to say it took me 7 weeks to get better and then I went back to work on a phased return. Time is a healer, take care and hope you are better soon X.


This has always been my main issue. I have a male doctor (or should I say did). 2 years ago I finally gave in and went to see him about the random bleeds, constant abdomen and lower back pain and painful intercourse which I had suffered with since I hit puberty. I was referred to hospital to do blood/urine tests and also have a scan done, 2 weeks later I hadn't heard anything back so I rung the surgery and was told the tests were inconclusive and told just to take ibuprofen. At the beginning of the year I was told my doctor had left the surgery and I was now with a female doctor so I was quick to book an appointment, after 10minutes of explaining my past issue and my symptoms she referred me to a gyro straight away. I just can't get my head around the fact the doctor who I have seen since birth could not do such a small thing like book me an appointment but someone who I've never seen before does it in a heartbeat. I sometimes think they don't really care as long as I'm paying there wages at the end of the day


Hi Carrie, same issue with my doctor unfortunately but the other way around. I had a lovely lady doctor very helpful and understanding when I originally went to her I was just in pain like you and with odd bleeds which were very heavy. She had my bloods and things done and referred me for a scan. I had that done and arranged to go back and she had gone on maternity leave and hasn't been back since ( year and a half ago ) since then I've seen so many doctors who just don't care! My gynecologist who did my op is a man and he was useless in his words ' I just have to deal with it - nothing he can do ' even though I have endo in a lot of places and the fact I am only 20!! I think we all just need to find that one doctor we trust and who helps us and everyone would be a lot better off! Hope your feeling okay :) x


When you feel up to it, it's definitely worth looking around for another GP. I now (finally!) have the most amazing GP who is really sympathetic and thoughtful. They do exist, so I hope you find one in your area.

And yes, doctors can say some truly shocking things.....


I hate my GP. im now back in same pain well worse pain since before my op took me 11 weeks to recover from op and now last couple weeks im back to even more pains, complete fatigue and swelling is back. my GP wont listen :-( x


Oh Alex that's horrible! Is there a female GP at your surgery you could see?xx


I hate my GP too and the consultants. Throughout the time l've known I had endetromsis which is 6 years now I have yet to meet any one in the health care profession that I have any confidence in. My life line has been books and groups like this on for reassurance and advice.


Sorry your having a horrible time try and see another gp, I had a similiar problem and changed in 2010 not looked back since. Never give up asking questions taken me 15yrs to get a diagnosis and now having to have further treatment than I probably would have done. I am now under and nhs endo specialist centre always ask questions, I am having further treatment on tuesday and had my 4th lap last year with diagnosis have been heat treatment the consultant discharged me saying I had no pain notsure where he got that from when I am taking the highest dosage of pain killers from gp. Personal would get a referral to an endo specialist they understand endo explain everything to you and can offer better treatments and its not just how much endo found its the position can contribute to different types of pain. Good information is the endo specialist Dr David Redwine endopaedia.info/ written a good book amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/d/B004FN...

Here is a list of nhs endo centres bsge.org.uk/ Good luck and all the best in your recovery take care xxx


Hi everyone,

Sorry for late message but I'm new to the forum and completely related to this situation with GP's lack of sympathy.

I'm normally quite a calm person, but I've been fobbed off so many times by GP's that I feel like I'm going to have a panic attack in the waiting room before my appointment. I got so bad once I got referred for an ECG because my heart was going like the clappers, which was a waste of time because it only happens when I go to see them. Anyway, I avoided going to the doctors for 4 years with my menstrual and abdominal symptoms. When I did finally give in because I was progressively getting worse, he told me I probably had polycystic ovaries. However, blood tests came back normal for the most part ruling this out. My doctor then made it perfectly clear when he said I was 'a nutter' and 'it's all in your head' that he thinks nothing is wrong. Apparently my hormone levels rule out all female problems. Oh and he thinks it's perfectly normal for women to feel so much pain on their first day of period, that it causes vomiting and fever, amongst all the other symptoms. Finally got referred to gyno after being made to feel like a complete nut job time waster. Luckily, my gyno was far more willing to listen and has booked me in for lap next week for possible endo.

I completely feel your frustration towards doctors who say things like that, these symptoms already have us questioning our sanity at times without a gp making us feel even worse. Sorry for the rant, just opened the flood gates seeing your question. I truely hope you find a doctor you can put your trust in I know how frustrating it is!


I agree about changing doctors, although by now I guess maybe you already did that. I changed doctors now and my current one is really good. My gynae is male which does wierd me out a little and I can't get my head around how he can understand what period pain feels like, but hey ho at least he is doing his job and seems to care. The problem I have with Gp's and not being very understanding is that I work for some doctors and their response to me having time off due to endo was " that's not bad at least you can treat it, you could take the pill" Hope you've foundan understanding gp now x


My gp is also useless I am in constant pain and have been for years even though I have had 5 laps. He is now saying it is chronic and I need to accept this and get on with life! Wish I could make him feel life in my shoes I do get through it but always with pain and fighting fatigue. Can't believe he is writing me off at 33!! I think we all need to start demanding more they wouldn't behave like this for diabetes!! The government need to step up here as we can see from above gps have their eye on cost only and as this is not life threatening we get treated like second class citizens!! Makes me mad. Rant over! Love to all you beautiful ladies suffering in silence I feel our time is coming!!


It's so upsetting is many of us have been through this and still are. Surely there's something that can be done we can't all just change GP every six months

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