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After years of being in pain and constant visits to my doctors I have finally been told that I may have edometriosis, althought no explaination what it was etc and some things you read on the internet just scare me more. Was refered for an ultra sound which as I thought came back clear. My doctor now wants me to have a laporoscomy but I have to see the gynacologist first (been waiting 6 weeks for an appointment and heard nothing). I am getting fed up waiting and of having to take painkillers constantly every 4 hours. Does anyone have any tips on how I can ease the pain to get me through until i see the specialists and hopefully get some answers?

Thank u :-)

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I would get back to your gp asking for painkillers that ould suit you and ask about your referral while your there explaining six weeks and you still haven't heard back . Good luck x


Contact your G.P and ask what's going on with the referral and get different painkillers explain you are in a lot of pain


I have been back about 4 times in the past few weeksand been given various painkillers as well as buscopan but they dont seem to be helping any. All the doctor says is he cant do anything as its now down to the gynacologist. Chased up my referal and they say the wait is roughly 12 weeks. Im annoyed now as they have passed me about for well over a year now telling me it was nothing etc. Hoping I get my appointment through soon so I know where I stand and my next steps xx


Ask for mefenamic acid from the doc, like ibuprofen but specifically for uterine contractions, and helps stop bleeding. You can also top up with paracetamol. It's good to take it before the pain starts as as soon as the prostaglandins start up (pain generators) they are very hard to stop!

Good luck with the gyne! Sounds silly but a hot water bottle does really help, and if you've got to be active, then the heat pads you can buy in the chemist (usually marketed for back/shoulder pain) are pretty awesome!

Take care of yourself!


Thank you appreciate your help. Unfortunately I have other medical conditions which limit what medication I can actually take so just a case of trial and error n hopefully something will help xx


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