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Naproxen and its effect on cycle? (sorry for tmi) & Bowel movement when walking :/

The doctor gave me naproxen as pain relief on Monday, I started my period on Wednesday and by Friday it had stopped. Normally I have a fairly normal flow but with a lot of clots, but this time my period seems to have vanished. The only thing I have done differently this month is take the naproxen. I am on the pill so my periods are pretty controlled anyway, but was slightly concerned about its disappearance after two days as its usually 5 or 6 days long.

I have also been feeling really nauseous, waking up in the middle of the night feeling like I'm going to be sick, but not actually being sick.

On the plus side the backache has died down (but that could be due to taking a week off work in agony), its only the stomach cramps yo deal with.

Also does anyone else have the problem that when they walk around for a long time (i.e doing the shopping) their hips (my right hip) starts to ache and I get desperate for the loo (#2). Yesterday I could have cried walking around Asda, thinking I wasn't going to make it round without going to the toilet. :(!

Anyone else experienced this or know of any other reason why this might have happened??

Thanks in advance.


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Hiya, when you get the feeling that you need a poo can you go? And if so does the pain go or ease? My pain (I thought) was always linked to my movements or lack of!

I'm now thankfully having movements every day rather than once a week as I was having but the pain is still there. I also get pain while walking around most times but every now and again walking around is the only thing that eases the pain, even with my trusty hot water bottle! Weird! Sorry I can't give you any advice but just wanted you to know that you are not alone.



Hiya, no I find I feel desperate all the time, then when I finally get to a toilet its just wind or like the smallest little bit ever. Also the wind like builds up in my stomach and makes awful loud embarrassing noises and can be really painful. I have like a yellowy / light browny gloop on the tissur when I feel like I need to go but only get wind. It doesn't smell tho!

Sorry for being so detailed! :(

Pain is usually worse after going. Its like a pressure kind of pain before going but after its like a huge ache, and I feel drained! Its so frustrating lol.

Thank you for sharing with me its slightly reassuring to know its not just me! xxx



Wow honestly I'm the same! Feel like I need to go and if I can the pain will go...but it doesn't!

I have to attend lots of meetings with directors of my company and my belly makes the most embarrassing sounds ever! And same as you, not only does it sound bad it hurts! Its trapped gas I'm sure but I've tried all the peppermint stuff and it doesn't help. Just feel like ( too much info coming up) if I could have a really big fart or a poo it would feel better! But if I manage it, it doesn't help!

Anyway I really wish you luck, and next time my belly growls when I'm around other people, I will know I'm not the only one. Xx


Hi not sure if this will help but try Beano it works really fast it's for gas and bloating take it 30 minutes before you eat are maybe before you take your medicines. I like the Beano that disolves on your tongue. Works wonders for me.


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