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What could be causing my infection?

The other night it started burning when i went for a wee and i though i must have a water infection. i knew i was booked in for my smear with the nurse today so i took a wee sample for her to test. when she was just doing my smear i screamed the place down because it hurt so bad, like really really bad and she said my vagina is all sore. she has taken some swabs and sent them for testing and she checked my wee and that is normal.

what the hell could this infection be? I haven't had sex since April, i am in a long term relationship with my girlfriend so it couldn't be an STI, i started prostap two weeks ago so could it be that? I also bought new knickers the other week so could it be that? Or could my Endo be causing this? I am really stressing about this and sore down there :( the results won't be back for four days :( xx

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Hi Impatient, very informative reply there! Thank you :) yes i am fully aware of all these symptoms of Prostap, i did all my research prior to agreeing to the injection but i am not suffering from vaginal dryness though, i have constant excess discharge as one of my Endo symptoms, have had for years and i still have that, and it is my normal discharge, no changes. I just really burn down there, but not itchy. I have been doing some research this afternoon and i have read that changes in hormone levels can affect the bacteria down below and this can sometimes cause infections, and this can occur in menopause. I am wondering if this is what has happened seeings as my oestrogen levels will have radically dropped in the past two weeks. I hope my swabs hurry up and come back cos i really need some medication as i can feel my pelvis starting to feel bruised and tender and i don't feel right in myself


also forgot to mention that i am swollen down below as well :(


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