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Feeling sick!

Hi, so I had a bad week last week with constant pain in my pelvis hips and legs where it felt like the pain was making me feel sick. I've taken maximum amount of painkillers and spent weekend on sofa trying to feel better. I lost my voice and now just got a chesty cough and keep having hot flushes. I've taken more codeine than normal along with ibruprofen and paracetamol but no other drugs. I booked my big op for tube removal which I've been a bit worried about. So I'm just trying to work out why I'm so bad and have never felt sick all day, every day before. So my question is could it be the pills, a new symptom I'm stuck with or just stress? Although my op isn't till November so don't think I'm too stressed yet. My friend thinks loosing my voice was stress related maybe it was or maybe just coincidence anyone got any thoughts? I'm sipping coke at the moment to stop feeling queezy not sure what else to try. Anyonegot a good tip? My tummy feels like iit's been in a boxing match and is badly bruised where my ovaries are which isn't helping either, and this is normally my better week!! Not happy today x hope your all having a better dayx

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Hi lillyflower sorry your feeling so ill. I don't have any advise sorry but thinking of you. X


Thanks, it's not nice just hoping it eases soon and trying anything I can think of to get through work, would love a sick day but no choice today as brides collecting their dresses for tomorrow so have to paint the smile on soon x


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