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TTC with endo, adhesions and cysts, have one gorgeous boy so no help from NHS help please :(

Hiya, I was diagnosed with endo and adhesions when I was 22 I am now 26 and for the last year have had recurring cysts painful but luckily go on there own! I have had four laps as the scar tissue keeps taking over!! Womb ovaries bladder and bowel affected in last op which was July this year!! Me and my husband a desperate for another baby, as he has no biological children although dotes on my boy!! Nhs won't offer anything as I have already given birth!! Any tips please we have been trying for 4 years now with nothing all gp and gynae have done is bloods, am back to see gyni consultant on the 11th so want to go in armed and hopefully come out with something to work with!! Can anyone suggest anything? Thanks x

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I'm in the same position, only just found out I had endo and just had an op to remove an endometrioma. Any hope and miracle stories out there would be good! Vicious circle isn't it, you stress about not being able to conceive and stress can make endo worse. Lets hope there's a way eh?? x


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