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Going away with endo and cysts



I am dues to get married in 6 weeks and have a long haul flight to mexico for my honey moon this was booked when i was under the impression i had just ibs!

The past 3 months have been a bit of an on and off struggle with endometrioma cysts and the pain, does anyone have any advice or tips to help me while I'm away or even if I'm ok to go on such a long flight with this?

thanks! :)

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amy-28 in reply to Hidden

Hi Lindle, no they haven't put me on anything yet :( they said they couldn't until i have my next appointment on the 18th October with the gynaecologist. However i am in liverpool and know that they have endo specialist there so i am hoping they will refer me there next after this next appointment!

Hi there, I went on a long haul flight recently with large endometriomas. There was no issue there at all, I also suffer from nerve pain down my left leg and that was a struggle as it's worse sitting down. Make sure you take enough painkillers but don't let endo stop you going away and enjoying your honeymoon as much as you can!

amy-28 in reply to PaulaSs

Hi paulaSs its so good to hear you have managed a long haul flight that makes me feel a lot better i was scared being in the air for so long may affect them or something haha not sure how it works but was just having a panic! I agree i think i am best just planning ahead and try and to stay on top of my pain relief whilst on the flight to keep it at bay as best as i can :)

PaulaSs in reply to amy-28

I had a little panic too thinking maybe they might burst or something! Hope you have a fantastic time! 😊

A month before I was diagnosed I went away with large endometriomas (largest being about 10cm and the other 3 were satsuma sized). And I carried a 25kg suitcase.

Are you on any contraception to try to slow the growth of your cysts?

Maybe you can take stick on heat patches in your hand luggage?

This is going to be easier said than done but try to forget about your cysts. And enjoy your honeymoon. And congratulations on your up coming wedding x


Thank you so much that makes me feel a lot better! i have just been advised today to go on the pill called Yasmin i believe? But not sure if this is the best one or not for this?

I don't think there is a "best" one. I was on Yasmin. And I didn't get any side effects at all.

If you Google Yasmin you will see articles on how this is a "super" pill and considered the best. For me yes I thought it was great but everybody reacts differently.

Mexico is beautiful, you will have an amazing time. Bring pillows and painkillers to make yourself as comfortable as possible but you can move around as much or little on the plane as you want so you will be fine. Relaxing as much as possible will help as often working yourself up is half of the battle. If your spouse can lift your suitcase etc for you if you suffer with any pulling pains when lifting that will be helpful. Stick on heat patches that warm up when you apply them are good idea for plane but once your in Mexico you can relax and enjoy your time away. You will be having so much fun so look forward to it rather than worrying and deal with things when your back xx

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