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Has anyone got experience of Provera?

Hi everyone,

I had major surgery in Feb to remove endo and cysts. I've had a follow up today after still having major pain. It turns out my cysts are back.The surgeon has prescribed Provera for me which he hopes will help the problem. What are peoples experience of this medication. I know we are all different, but it's nice to chat!

F x

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As you are aware everyone is different. My experience was horrendous.

I was told to take the dreaded pills for 90 days to 'shrink' the Endo (this decision was made as I had not wanted another lap). I made it to 51 days (us Endo girls will persevere with most stuff, the strong women we are) but not without my whole life being one big struggle. I managed to write down my symptoms (again, being an Endo sufferer we have to check with ourselves that it is not all in our head) and had to make the decision to stop as, thank god, I realised that I wanted to kill myself. That is how bad it got,

Not sure now after having had another lap recently if it was the Provera or just due to the Endo symptoms getting worse? but the pains, fatigue, lack of any decent sleep. depression was escalating day by day. I had a really hard time of it. Once I stopped taking them though, I could think a bit clearer, pain was less, so I really am convinced it was them. Also, having been on the pill years ago and trying the Depo at some point years ago and these not agreeing with me, I find it no suprise that Provera was not doing me any good either. I am convinced, for me personally, that my hormones are so mixed up, there is nothing to prevent the symptoms and pray for some relief in my older years.

I would say give it a go but please be aware of the side effects and please listen to yourself if you experience any kind of escalated symptom, we do not want ANYONE killing themselves over a silly pill

Keep strong x


Hi.I was taking provera for four years 3 x 10 mg a day.

For me,they made a huge difference,no periods and very little pain.

We are all different and our bodies respond in different ways,it is a case of trial and error. Good luck.


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