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Visanne anyone?

Hi everyone - I need your/any advise on Visanne please.

I am an ex-pat living in Singapore at the moment and after becoming unwell - I've had a lap D&C and been diagnosed with Stage III endometriosis. My consultant is recommending starting me on Visanne. Is anyone in the UK on it or know anything about it please? I don't know what to do but have been advised to start treatment as soon as possible after the lap as it is more effective.

Feeling very lonely out here

Thank you so much

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hope2heal is on Visanne too. She posted about a week ago.


If you send her a PM she will see your request when she next logs in.


Thank you Impatient. :0D


Hi, i am in UK and i have been on Visanne for 9 months. I have been diagnosed with endometriosis in 2002 and had 4 surgeries (the last one in March this year). Visanne is the best medication i have been for as the sides effects are minimum in comparison with zoladex or decapeptyl. I am a bit more emotional but that's all. There are no mood swings or heat strokes, etc. the only thing is you may experience some bleeding sometimes even every 2 weeks but it does not happen to everyone. My sister has been on Vissanne for 8 months and she experienced irregular bleeding only for the first 2 months then she stopped having periods for the rest of her treatment.

The most important is you stay pain free and the side effects are minimum.

I wish it was available in UK. I buy my Visanne in Germany but I am being under care of an English consultant, who thinks Visanne is great.

Good luck


hi jkopec - thank you so much for your reply and advice which I found extremely helpful and like you, have read that the side effects are not nearly as bad as those for Zoladex.

Can I ask you do you do take one tablet every day?

Do you have add back therapy?

If it does not agree with you can you just stop taking it?

How long can you be on the medication?

I hope you do not mind me asking you these questions.

Thank you so much and I look forward to hearing from you. I need to go back and see my consultant in 3 weeks and tell him my decision.

Hope to hear from you soon.



Hi Merlion, it depends on your consultant how long you can be on it. I have been on it for almost nine months now. After 7 months i had blood tests done to check my blood and bone density. Apparently it may lead to osteoporosis but it did not affect me- the results were really good. So i continued taking them. You do take one tablet a day. You can stop taking them if you are not happy any time you want. The first month is a bit more difficult as your body starts adjusting to the hormons - you may expect lower moods then. I would suggest not taking it in the evening as you may experience difficulties with falling asleep. I take it every day at 2pm

The pnly thing which i do not like about it is much lower libido :-(

Best of luck!!!! I hope vissanne will be ad good to you as it is for me.

Please ask me if you have any questions.

Do you know if vissanne is abailable in UK now?


Hi there, I'm from the UK and am desperately trying to get hold of Visanne and am prepared to travel to get it but is it prescription only in Germany?


I m normally getting it from Spain


Thank you so much jkopec for your message and for all your information that you have shared with me. It looks as if Visanne is working very well for you and I am pleased for you.

I'm not sure if Visanne is available in the UK.. I am living in Singapore at the moment but I have written to my doctor in the UK so once I hear back from her, I will let you know.

Stay in touch - I'd love to hear from you. xxx :0)


hi, i stays in italy i was told i ve endometriosis since ten years now, i ve done operation twice and the doctors are planning another operation very soon. but i started visanne since nove last year the pains is a bit ok..


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