has anyone fell pregrant after using visanne

hi Ladies I have been diagnosed with stage 4 endo after I went for a laposcopy to remove a cyct. the doc has put me on 6 months of treatment of visanne. after the 6 months he will take in for another op and remove the visible endo. Thereafter he says I can try to have a baby. he also said to me I am a good candidate for IVF. Ladies your thoughts please?????

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  • This is a forum for endometriosis UK, And Visanne is not approved for sale or use in the UK. So most of the ladies on this forum will never have been on Visanne.

    There are a handful of overseas forum members who have used Visanne with varying results and you can use the search box on the green bar to look for previous discussions on Visanne.

    As Visanne is toxic to pregnancy as what it does to you would also apply to any baby you are carrying and would stop their growth at a most critical time possible with devastating consequences, you must avoid pregnancy - the effectiveness as a contraception is not yet know - therefore use barrier contraception while on the drug = Condoms to be safe from pregnancy.

    And would probably be wise to continue for a couple of months after stopping the drug - at least, to make sure it is all out of your body before you try and get pregnant.

    It is still undergoing clinical trials and until trials are complete the accurate data on this drug and what it does will not yet be known. But basic info is contained on the patient advice leaflet and No.1 item is not safe for pregnancy or breast feeding.

  • im on Visanne havent heard anything about pregnancies after but as long as the endo is at bay its apparently easier to fall pregnant...

  • Hi Devash. I have been on Visanne for over a year. I stopped the Visanne in May and I have just found out I'm 5 weeks pregnant. Keep your head up 😊

  • Hi Kimberley

    I have to start with Visanne Friday for my endometrioses. did you have any side effects? or gain weight? and Do you have to stop Visanne if you want to get pregnant?? please help. we want to start trying next year for a baby.

  • How long Does it take to get pregnant after stopping visanne as I was told to take it for couple of months as I have a mild endo

  • Hi I have endometriosis. Ive been using Visanne for 2 years now and since I used it I don't have a period and its been 2 years...I just want to know if you can get pregnant if you use Visanne or does it do the same as the pill.?

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