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Pre period pain

Hello ladies.

I'm getting a lot of pain and cramps about a week before I start bleeding. I also suffer from severe back pain !This seems to make the monthly cycle of pain extra long! Does anyone know why this may be?

( I have a stuck left ovary attached to the back of my womb, ovarian cysts and either a fibroid/ adeymosis.)

Any advice would be appreciated.


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Hi there

I too have constant period cramps before, during and after a period, although at the moment periods are all over the place. I too suffer with backache and am currently waiting to see another specialist. I totally sympathise with the pain you're having and all I would say is, go to your specialist/Gp to get it investigated. Sorry I can't offer more advice.

Take Care



Me too, cramps and general being uncomfortable, that dragging feeling and lower back ache all start several days before my period does. Sadly. x


I had a cyst and plaque on the back of the uterus and on the both ligaments. Last year after working very long hours in a stressful project I had terrible back pain and cramps before my periods at random moments. The back pain was so strong sometimes that I could not sit on a chair. Any draft or air conditioning would make it worse so I had a small blanket to help me cope with it at work.

Two things helped: exercise with my physiotherapist, smooth exercises allowing me relax and build my back's muscle softly; and the laparoscopy, definetly helped.It has not completely disappeared but much more manageable.


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