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Do I really need to have 2 operations?

Hi everyone this is my first post on a forum so please bear with me!!

I was diagnosed with extensive stage 4 endo in 2008 and in the same op it was also removed followed by 4 months on zoladex.

For years now I have had rectal bleeding only on my period but in the last 18 months has got alot worse and am passing big blood clots. Ive had a sigmoidoscopy and a rectal ultrasound which has confirmed endo penetrating through to the submucosal layer in the bowel.

I saw my new gynae at the end of June who said it would need to be a full resection of the bowel and it needs to happen because of the risk of obstruction. But the thing is I'm booked in for an op this Thursday to stage and possibly remove any endo he finds. I dont understand why he would need to do this in a separate operation do you?

I want to try for a family, Im 31 and he said at the mo my chances of conceiving are 2-5% but after the op odds can rise to 40%. So my thinking/logic is, anything he removes on Thurs will grow back before my next op to remove the endo of my bowel (have no idea when this will be). Doesn't it make sense to do it all in one op and then I can try for a baby after?

I have emailed my consultant with these questions but still waiting for a reply!!

Just thought I'd mention I have Crohn's Disease also, so any avoidable operations in that area is ideal.

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Hi sorry I don't know much more but I have endo in my bowel which was diagnosed after a lap in June. I am now on prostrap injections to reduce the endo for 6month before a partial resection in January....


Hi Catt83,

Thanks for responding, sorry you've got in the bowel too. My gynae said, medication is no use to me now, only surgery!! Its very confusing, all the consultants having different ideas on how to treat us!!


I am waiting surgery as my uterus is stuck to my bowel and penetrating through. I was down for basic surgery and another hospital last oct but it was cancelled as they said it was pointless being put through two surgeries down to endo more than liking attaching to the scar tissue anyway. As you have stated about medication not working I too got told that, once being transferred to new consultant. I would maybe ring and speak to the secretary to arrange a telephone consultation with your surgeon


Hi brighteyesjas,

Thanks for your response, it that makes me feel better. I dont think its right to have two. Like you say theres the scar tissue on top of it all as well. I wrote my gynae an email last Monday as the secretary said that was the only way to contact him!! I rang last Thursday as I hadn't heard anything and she said he was dealing with it as we spoke.

Its now a week on and I've tried calling all morning but it goes to the machine, so have sent another email. The op is meant to be this Thursday, so have no idea what to do if I don't hear back!!

Hope all goes well with your op X


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