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Endometriosis after 3 babies last 2 2011& 2013 both very prem endometriosis back with a vengeance hysterectomy at 26 experiences appreciated

Hi ladies new to the site I have had endometriosis for 6 years now after months in hospital and 4x laparoscopy procedures discovering endometriosis on the 4th procedure.

I have since been in agony ever since I have tried all contraceptions none of which have made a difference despite being only 21 when diagnosed and since having 2 more babies both who came very early even though the docs said it wouldn't effect my pregnancys jack arrived 9/8/11 10 weeks early with no reason or cause to do so. I then a year after having jack went back to see my consultant as the pain was just awful again constant bleeding and feeling very low, they then said about starting hormone therapy to bring on an artificial menopause, then They said go straight for the hysterectomy. They said the chances of conceiving we're extremely low however just before I was due to have the op I found out I was 2 weeks preg. The doctors midwives were not worried about my pregnancy as my first son was full term no probs (but he was born before I had endometriosis) Low and behold I had cysts on my overies throughout the pregnancy and then at 25 weeks started having problems my daughter was born after emergency c section at 29 weeks on the 4/4/13. Yet again no one could tell us why. I have said from day one I always thought the endometriosis was the problem but never had this confirmed.

Anyway I have been non stop bleeding heavly for 14 weeks now my daughter is 15 weeks tomorrow. The pains are all back and I just feel terrible and very down.

I have found that it has affected our sex life a huge amount also as I find it very painful in certain places. I am now 26 1/2 and after everything I am now going to push to have the hysterectomy both me and my fiancé have discussed this in depth and we have 3 children together the last 2 being very awful traumatic experiences. Is there anyone else who has had the hysterectomy this young? How did you find it affected you ie hormones moods sex drive etc? Any answers help would be really appreciated.

Thanks Lisa xxx

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Welcome to the site!

Have you spoke to your GP re your bleeding as it sounds like that could be related to your labour.

With regards to your future options: you say they didn't find endo until your 4th lap, am I reading that right? If so I take it it's only been removed once? If that's the case they can try and remove it again and then put you straight onto tri-cycling the pill or the depo shot or mirena (it's better to have it straight after the lap).

If that's not an option they will often look at using something like zolodex or prostap to put you into the false menopause. Some people say that's a good judge of how useful a hyst would be for you.

They do hysts on people of your age, but it's not always the way to go and needs to be fully researched. Remember, everyone is different: some people find it life saving, some find it to be a waste of time. They also need to consider other things like the health risks and wethere or not you have ovaries out too (personally I'd want it all out, but everyone is different). There is a good website called hyster sisters and there are women there who have had hysts as teenagers and are really knowledgable.

Good luck and hope you stop bleeding soon, but definitely go to your GP - you can't presume that's endo related as it's kind of a different thing.



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