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Anyone else fed up of being asked when they're going to have children?

I know I am! I'm 28 and been married for 2 years. We've been trying for almost a year but I've just been diagnosed with endo and polycystic ovaries and waiting for my consultant appointment.

It's bad enough having friends and family going on about it, but it never fails to amaze me how people I've only just met seem to think it's an appropriate question to ask!!!

One of my sister's friends asked me the other night when we were on a night out for her hen party - mind your own business love!!!

Rant over..... :-)

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Ah the classic "sticking their big oars in where they aren't wanted"! I get it all the time. It doesn't help that we both turned 30, then his brother had a kid, and then we got married, all within a few years so everyone keeps coming out with their helpful suggestions: we are also at the age where our friends are now on their second child.

I just tell them I don't even like children and much prefer a pet that I can shove in kennels a few times a year for holidays. I say I asked the kennels if they took babies too and if they could share a cage and they said no. I have this very flippant persona about it, which is totally not what's in my head, but it really does stop people asking. Because I'm quite blunt about it I find people tend not to argue. When I used to be polite about it and say things like "we'll see" I just found you get the awful "its the best thing you will ever do" or "don't leave it too late".

Of course you could always just be totally rude and reply "We don't practice that kind of intercourse, it's not the way we roll if you know what I'm saying... Anyway, by the way, what do you get up to in the bedroom after a few babychams!" My husband wanted us to say that, but fortunately I managed to talk him in to sticki with the holidays/pets thing :) x


By the time you get to my age, mid 40's it's no longer a When are you going to have kids? and more a case of How many kids have you got ?..or worse still when I am out with the nephews and nieces, people refer to them as my grandkids, or me as their grandmother !!

I tell people up front, they're not mine, I couldn't have kids. That puts an end to it, because they are startled and suddenly realise how insensitive they have been. Makes them squirm and rightly so.

And it's not a question I ever ask of anyone else. It would be nice if people were a bit more sensitive about asking questions and making flippant comments, but they're not ....till it happens to them.

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people ask me that alot sometimes i just want to cry other times i just brush it off x


I tell most people i'm infertile. shuts them right up and makes them feel terrible for asking. serves them right :)

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