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going tribunal to claim disability for this long term life threatening disease ( in my case )

tried to claim disability twice now due to endometriosis , it has affected my spine and the nerves in my legs which makes walking and standing painful it has also taken over my body so much so now it has been decided by doctors and surgeons im down to quality of life but because I can do some things for myself ie: get out of bed and wash and dress myself im not entitled

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Hi, I am so sorry for you situation. I too have endo that has affected the nerve running down my right leg and I have chronic pain. I went to the CAB to ask about benefits etc as I take lots of meds so cant work at the moment. I have just found out that nothing can be done surgically for the pelvic/leg pain but am waiting for a hysterectomy. After years of pain I now have it confirmed that I have 3 different types of pain, neuropathic down the leg, scarring in pelvis and endo pain. I also have joint/back pain from all the prostap injections, bit of a wreck really!

CAB told me I wouldnt get DLA (now changed to PIP) as I'm not disabled enough! I think it is quite rare to have nerve problems from endo but I too can't stand for long or walk without pain meds.

I am waiting for nerve block injections through chronic pain clinic, have you had these? Maybe they would help,

Please post how you get on with the tribunal,

Please remember you are not alone!X


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