happy note for once

I have had 3 injections of zoledax now and im feeling so much better, no pain or periods etc and my fatigue has reduced. I am still tired but im managing to do more with my life then work and sleep, to anybody who is having doubts about the course of injections please do it, just give your body a rest.

unfortunately you can only have 6 of them but im staying positive.

keep your chins up girls xxx

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  • Hi, by my third zoladex I felt human agin. Still pain every now and then but nothing paracetomol couldn't handle vbut they said not to have anymore and let my body rest it lasted six weeks and bang it came back really really bad.. I now have the coil and wish I was still having zoladex. Hate the coil. Apart from the menopause symptom's which I took hrt for I felt loads better on zoladex x

  • ya I know it will come back too, they have sed they will do a lap after this course of treatment, I have still not had one.

    im going to enjoy the next few months.

    they cant fit I coil with me, my womb tilts backwards and they couldn't find my cervix, im not having something inside me like that anyway.

    hope you can find some relief from your symptoms,


  • Fingers crossed we both do. They gave me the coil because my consultant thinks that a lap is pointless because there's no cure!! So with that in mind I'm giving coil time to see if it helps. If not ill be going private to get the op. X

  • it can ease symptoms with a lap, ive had arguments with 3 different consultants and my GP, gp has stressed on many occasions I need to have a lap done to determine the stage of the disease and if it is affecting other organs, its a constant battle and it really is frustrating xx

  • I've just started zolodez only 10 day no change yet apart from boobs killing, a lap can help for a long while if you get thorough excision by a specialist, general gyne often miss endo so therefore there isn't much point, we need to be referred to a bsge so we get the best treatment, xx

  • Ya after my first one I was the same but after the second. It stop my period within days. Enjoy the break from the pain xx

  • Hi , what is zolodex , I had a lap last April n I'm pretty sure mine has come back ,when they removed it the said I was basically riddled with it but once the did the lap they signed me off ,so going to have to start again with docs but think it would help knowing options this thin as hormone replacement didn't work for me X

  • It's a injection that puts you into a temporary menopause state. You can only have 6 injections but it can stop the endometriosis from giving symptoms xx

  • Is there a certain age they will only give them out at ? X

  • I wouldn't think so. It's given my the gynecologist x

  • Thank you,will look into it X

  • Im glad you are having a positive experience with Zoladex. I am on month 5 of 6 monthly injections. My bleeding stopped completely after month one but unfortunately the pain is worse than ever. My night sweats have increased considerably and my moods are all over the place. I have Stage 4 Endo, Adenomyosis and PCOS. I have also spoken to other women for whom the injections have only stopped the bleeding and not the pain so I think you are extremely lucky to be having such a positive outcome. I hope it continues. Personally I cannot wait for the treatment to end so I can finally be given a hysterectomy.x

  • I'm so sorry you are still suffering. I have been have hot flushes and my moods are unbalanced but compared to the pain and fatigue I can manage with that. They were using the injections as a diagnostic really. I have alot of bowel symptoms too. Xx

  • Don't get me started on the fatigue! It is unbearable :-( Its great to hear that you are feeling much better with the injections though. I have bowel and bladder issues too but no Endo was visible on either during my Laparoscopy and Hysteroscopy in October last year. I have been referred to Urology and Gastroenterology now.x

  • Ya I have bowel problems too. Was told it was ibs after a camera up there. I had areas of inflammation. Unfortunately I have started getting pains again and my fatigue is slowly coming back. I think our bodies must be so awkward ha ha. Got a review appt with my gynecologist on Monday xx

  • Glad you've got some relief Hun.

  • It's worth the hot flushes and everything else to have a rest from the pain xx

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