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Anyone know a proper surgeon is who capable of taking a lump of endo out inside vagina

I am under the BEST surgeon in the North West and as he sat there and told me after my 3rd lap that I have no more endo and that he has taken the last bit out, a 1.5 inch nodule from my rectum. Silly man HASNT felt or seen the 1 inch nodule protruding into my vagina. Didn't believe him, for one minute what he said and the pain every month is exactly the same and in exactly in the same place.. God help you women who don,t see a specialist cos the specialists do not know what they are doing. They are just wasting my precious time and energy, it is going into years now. I will have to go back now a 4th time, more scaring, more scar tissue. Honestly, can they not do this all in one go, fed up of hospitals and major ops and having slap dash attitude and them doing half a job. X

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You didn't say if this was the best endo surgeon or just best surgeon. There's a big gulf between the two. If you're seeing "the best" endo surgeon, - or any endo specialist - you're right; you'd expect better. Apparently this nodule couldn't be seen which could be the fault of a number of things. If it's the equipment, we need better equipment. If it's the surgeon, they need better training. And some just need to learn to listen better.

I hope doctors are reading and learning from posts like this. Thank you for sharing your pain and frustration. It's important.

I hope your next one goes better for you. Big hug.


I can highly recommend Dr Edi Osagie who operates privately and NHS at St Mary's hospital in Manchester

Lilly x


Try the Arrow Park Hospital on the Wirral. They have a brilliant endo unit, are a centre of excellence and Mr. David Rowlands as their expert.

Do let us all know who you get on.

Best of luck, we understand your feelings of frustration - most of us have been there at some point in our journey.


I second that. I have surgery booked at Arrowe Park in October. There is also is a hospital in Yorkshire who posted a video of an extreme excision on you tube. I can't remember what the name of the hospital was, but it shows at the beginning of the video, and I heard that there was one down south?


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