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Lump inside vagina

I have a hard lump around 1inch long about 2-3inches in and it is at the back of the vagina near the anus side (sorry to be so crude). I had rectum endo taken out 10 weeks ago which was a 15mm nodule but have had the lump a lot longer. Haven't really thought much of it until now. Have got pains still after gynae man told me endo had 'all gone'. Yer right! I am convinced my endo pain is coming from rectum, trying to pinpoint it. Do you think this is more endo and for some unknown logical reason he didn,t see it. Doh. Also my A was stuck to my V too because of this nodule. And I know all of my endo hasn't gone like he said because I can feel that old familiar endo pain.

Anyone had it protruding into V and what sort of surgery can I have if it is endo? X

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Hi. Sorry to hear about your troubles. I had a lump of endo attaching my bowels to cervix removed last week along with several nodules (I think here were 3) perturbing into my vagina. For years various people who looked 'up there' when having smears or just complaining of pain would wonder what they are! These people inc. GPs, gynaes and nurses. Ther even attempted to freeze them off once! Anyway I had a lap last year and hysteroscopy and gynae diagnosed them asq endo and sent me to a specialist who dealt with it last week. Ate you seeing a gynae specialist? I live central south coast area and can give you t he name of my surgeon is near by. He also does research on endo and I felt very confident with him and his understanding of where endo can grow.

On a down side my stitches 'up there' are currently infected so I now feel crap but its just a set back! Can't wait to see how I am once healed as the pains I used to get sometimes felt like someone was stabbing me inside my vagina and I'd have I cross my legs or suddenly stand up as went right through my arse area too as they are all in a similar area.

Keep strong x


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