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ok so today i am really not happy, i woke up in a bad mood and cant shift it.

I have this feeling that i should tell family how im feeling and that im upset that i feel as if they have got bored of me, no one calls which my stepmum used to daily. i dont know if its just me or if it is they are bored of hereing im in pain.

I am stuck in doors writing on here every day lately cos i feel like someone is listening (reading) to how i feel. why is my family being like this ? my mum is really great when i have op and hospital appointments she comes to it all so why so distant when im home ? i dont get it . my sisters ( i have 3) never call me but i dont call them much but if they was ill i would honestly i would , dont they care ? am i really that moody and hard to be around ? i dont know but just feel lonely today dont know why ?

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Hi, I know what you mean it feels they don't care and I've been feeling the same, but after I had a good moan at my sister she told me mum doesn't ask too much as she doesn't want to upset me. I hardly hear from them and they live miles away so even an odd text to ask how I am would be nice. I have just decided getting upset everytime I don't hear anything is another stress and worry I can do without so I assume ill hear nothing then if I get a message its a nice surprise. I have also realized I'm always putting a brave face on and so when I hold my breath or shout with a sudden stab of pain or even just look fed up then my hubby asks what's wrong and I say its the pain etc and he looks surprised. At first I thought he just wasn't noticing but he really didn't realise I had constant pains. I think I just assume he knows but I realised I've stopped talking about it as much as sometimes I just want to try and ignore it! So I'm sure they all care and maybe they just don't know what to say or if your putting a brave face on maybe they don't realise how you feel. I have realised the only people that truley understand are on here and its easier to talk about how you feel to someone that understands rather than having to explain it all again!

If you want to talk to your stepmum and found her calls comforting then maybe just tell her that you've missed talking to her and that your chats are helpful to you. She may just not realise. After my op I had an email most weeks but now nothing. I think people don't realise that even though you have recovered from op your still suffering and need support. Keep strong and the only thing I find lifts my mood on a bad day is a good comedy DVD. Peter Kay is my favourite but any good comedian that can make you giggle and take your mind off things is good for you. X I hope tomorrow's a better day for you xx


I think we have identical lives because when i had my operation my mum was there threw it all the first time and she even visited me after the op but then after a while it just faded out i don't talk to her about being in pain because she seems like she doesn't understand or want to even understand and i don't want to come across as a nag i feel like im just boring her my second operation she didn't come with me but she did phone me to see if i was ok but that is all she never calls me to see if im ok only when she wants me to do something or ask me something, I have sisters but i don't see the one very often and my other sister doesn't understand because she has never been in the situation we are in.

shes 28 with 3 children no pain and living a normal life i think she thinks im going insane.

I aint going to bother with people who haven't got time for me especially when i need them the most.


hi ladies today is prime example of my above post, so my mum, dad, sister, her husband and kids have all gone out to a safri , my mum mentioned it the other day and i hinted i would luve to go and guess what NO INVERTATION i give up


I had the exact same I was told after they thought I wouldn't want to as needed to rest from hip leg pains but would have been nice to have been asked x I also get left out cause I don't have kids I'm not invited either. Today I went shopping for first time in ages to chear myself up! I normally end up making comments after to get my point accross by saying ie ...oh did you have a nice time of have enjoyed that if you asked!! Gets the point accross without a row!


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