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Had my lap last night. Hoping to speak to the consultant about the op. I have endo & adenomyosis. Which contraception do you use?

I use to use the dept povera injection before knowing about endo when i came off i went on the pill, micronor (although there is a longer story to tell ). In short, i was told by the consultant that the mirena coil my be best but the last time i had this from my last op i developed a cyst and lots of discomfort BUT i didn't have adenomyosis.

So should the take the depo injection that worked for me for the 10yrs or the mirena coil?

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I was put on dianette after my lap in november. That didn't work too well as i put on lots of weight. I had the mirena coil put in on 9th may and so far its better. Weight is gradually dropping off and so far not a real period but lots of spotting. Hoping that will fix itself. Go with whatever is best for you though, everybody is differentt xxx


If you have tried the mirena before and it has caused you problems I can understand your reluctance to try it again. Personally I would go back on the depo if we werent ttc as it's the best contraception I've tried, and although it caused me to bleed a lot it was probably the most pain free I had ever been.

Whatever you decide good luck x


Thanks. I was told by someone that many women are allergic to the coil and i could be because it makes my stomach inflamed and i always feel nauseous plus I'm allergic to many things.


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