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Laparoscopy finally booked for next Wednesday!

Hello Ladies!

Well... I was expecting to have to wait until September/October time for my first Lap, but I had a phone call yesterday eve saying they have had a cancellation and can I come for it at 7am next Wed!

I'm still a bit in shock as I have been expecting to have one, but not this soon! I don't think it will seem real until I'm in there, I'm stuck in a state of emotional shock at the moment.

I've got my pro-op Monday afternoon, so I'll find out all the details then I guess!

I hope you are all ok, and not in too much pain!

Vix x

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I am also in the emotional shock state as well, I was told it would be a 6-8 week wait which took me to near the end of the 6 wk hols and as I'm a teacher and starting a new job in sept that was not an option so resided myself to going private and then Tuesday I got my letter saying it is in 2 was! I'm so relieved and happy but also in shock! I now have 2 was to do all my reports, assessments, ,parents meeting, inset at my new school, meet my new clas in new school as well as getting myself organised at home as I have been advised I will be out of action for up to 2 wks because of the lasering. Got to be honest thoug, I don't care how busy the next 2 wks are, I'm just so happy to be getting it looked at again after 10 yrs since my last lap. Good luck with yours!


Thanks for the reply! Getting a cancellation is amazing, but it really doesn't help stress and pain levels rushing around to get things done! Make sure you don't exhaust yourself before the op - I know teaching is a lot of responsibility, but make sure you put your health first :)

I had my pre-op assessment yesterday which answered a couple of my questions, and I've got to go in at 7am tomorrow to wait - I'm dreading the non-eating though because I get really grumpy and dizzy when I don't eat! fingers crossed I'll be a morning operation!!

good luck with your op and work!! xx


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