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Consultant Finally Advice Wanted Please

Nearly a year after pain started it's finally my consultant appointment to see what happens next. I was put on Zoladex for 6 months and had last injection 11 weeks ago. On Zolly pain went down to a 2/3 compared to the 8/9 without it. This was to see if my pain was gynae related. What do you think will happen on Friday. Since Zoladex stopped I had a 2 day bleed then it stopped pain level gone up to 5/6 and I am taking 8 tramadol a day. Sleepness nights are back and frequently going for a wee. Any advice would be great

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Good luck!

They may discuss a treatment lap if you haven't had one. If they do ask to check if it's excision as it has better results. Also ask about long term management (mirena coil etc). I would recommend you have a look at the main endo uk website and the endo resolved website and have a think about what you want to do. Also talk to them about painkillers, 8 trams a day everyday is a lot so make sure you tell them.

Good luck x


Thank you so much for your reply. I keep thinking they are going to fob me off and refer me somewhere else. I am just panicking.


Hi I know the previous lady, has advised you a lot but all I wanted to say is if they do offer you a laparoscopy, don't panic, I had my first ever one today and I was confirmed with endometriosis, it's not painful afterwards it's more the air they insert into you that gives you a little bit of discomfort but it eases after few hours.

I'm only telling you this cause I was really worried about having it, and was sick of people telling me I'll be fine, without giving me a real picture of what to expect (this is my personal friends and family im talking about)

So after all the info I've given you, I know you will be fine if they offer you a laparoscopy, and take a pillow with you for the car journey home to put across your belly as the seat belt will make you uncomfortable without it.

Good luck xx


Hello BellaBoe not worried so much about a Laparoscopy as I have had 4 before. I am worried whether they wont give me one and then them not being able to find anything !


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