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Hospital today investigation

Seeing gynacologist today first time in years. Ive just been plodding along struggling but I need to get it sorted. So going to drink my water ready for the scan. Not walkin out until I get answers. Its beggining to cause me problems with pain, I cant find a way to ease it. My back is contantly aching and my stomach has sharp pains..does anyone take tramadol for endo. Can the hospital prescribe it. And is there any questions that I need to ask. Xx

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Hi, I have been on Tramadol for several months now, along with a cocktail of other painkillers and Oramorph. I personally have got on OK with it, some people don't. There are a variety of doses, so you will probably be started on a low dose and increased if needed. There is also a Slow Release version (the one I am taking) it lasts upto 12 hours at a time. I do however, still get breakthrough pain. Some people suffer with drowsiness and some other side affects expected with analgiesics, but I found they soon abated. Sorry to hear you have back pain too. I have had lower back pain every day now for 7 months, my Gynae is still dismissing it is Endo related, even though I know the pain, it's exactly the period pain I have always had, and also like labour pain, dull, nagging, dragging, heavy ache. I know of several Endo ladies having issues with their backs and I have set up a group on Facebook if you would care to join and share experiences.

Oh and I would have thought the Hospital can describe Tramadol, I have been prescribed different things by the Pain Clinic, but not Gynae.

Hope you are not feeling to awful today with the pain. xxx



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