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Internal ultrasound investigation


I had an internal ultrasound yesterday the person doing it was lovely explained what she was doing was a bit surprised as I thought I was having a normal tummy scan. That said it felt uncomfortable at times and she was very attentive she was having difficulty seeing my ovaries and said there was some thickening so my consultant may well want to do an endoscopy to get confirmation of what the thickening is. I felt fine until today around 1.30pm and I have horrendous pain low down and have some light bleeding my question is - is this normal after an internal probe I was not given any information that I could experience this so am a little worried. I find the pain almost unbearable when walking and have to walk very slowly, yet this morning I went to an open day and walked around several departments throughout the campus without a hint of any pain all come on rather suddenly. Any help will be much appreciated first time post.

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From my experience they can result in pain afterwards but it should subside in a few days. Try some Feminax and rest up. If it does get any worse go to your GP or call the 111 service if it's out of hours. I hope you feel better soon and that all is ok after your results. Keep posting if you're worried x

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Thank you

I had pain after mine but it went away after a couple of days. Hopefully you will feel bettet very soon xxx

Thank you. Did you have any bleeding with it. I was quite taken aback as I was absolutely fine after I had it done yesterday and it came on so sudden today

No, I dont think i had any bleeding. Just very sore x

It's maybe been because you walked so much it's maybe triggered s relapse

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