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After being sent home by emergency gynae and told I didn't look like I was in enough pain, I'm now lying in hospital. Spent four days in agony and in and out of a tramadol coma. Went to a&e yesterday as so fed up and in so much pain. Was told I was being referred back to gynae as they discharged me. I almost had a mental breakdown there and then in the waiting room. I got into see a a&e doctor. I had more bloods done and a ct scan as he thought it was a kidney stone. Came back negative for that but did show that I have a very large cyst in my abdomen that's been squishing my kidney tubes or tract or whatever. Twelve hours later I'm finally back in the gynae ward. Having some more scans tomorrow and then either having op or coming back in two weeks for an elective op to remove it. I'm very frustrated as all of this could have been discovered on Thursday and I could even had had my op by now and on the road to recovery. Instead I'm lying here wide awake as normally I should be heading off to work shortly for my new job I love, worried about how long this is going to keep me away from it. Also the noise, the lights and the smell ain't too pretty neither! Still, at least it's finally now been discovered, it's my own lack of patience with a body that let's me down I need to get past.

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Wow I can't believe how they just missed that cyst and basically said you aren't in enough pain!although I'm glad they are finally taking you seriously,it's a pity you had to turn up at a&e. I really hope that once you feel better you will complain!




Get well soon x


Sending hugs x X x


Thanks all. X


Sorry to hear this, hope you are on the mend shortly x


I was in hospital a few weeks back as an emergency with a severe infection and had to stay in for ages as I was on IV antibiotics and in terrible pain - I totally feel for you with the noise and lights etc - I hardly slept the whole time i was there, which in itself was exhausting and made me far more emotional (esp since it was such a shock to be in hospital like that). I really found it very hard - but tried to focus on moving on and getting better - at least they have found it and you now have an opportunity to get better. I wish you a speedy and successful operation.


Just had a consultant round with the trainee that sent me home Thursday. She said they are going to do an ultra sound as the one I had back in May is different to what the ct scan picked up? I would have thought that would be obvious? When I had ultra sound in may, it almost felt like I was being sexually assaulted at one point while they proclaimed they didn't know what they were looking at, so really looking forward to another! She said my pain in upper right of abdomen isn't gynae so. . . She then stated that after the scan and bloods, she would decide when they would operate, and did I realise it would only be a basic op to fix the problem. I told her my priority was to top being in pain and a dye test and removal of endo doesn't matter, I just want to be able to function normally, be able to sit, stand and walk. So it still feels like they think I'm trying to bump up my endo excision. On Thursday after being discharged first time, I emailed my consultants secretary with a huge email about everything that happened. He rang me just after I saw the hospital consultant and he's going to come and see me tomorrow and said I'm not to be discharged till he's been to see me, it means another day in here but at least I know he will look properly at my results and if he tells me to go home, I know I won't be fobbed off.


I had a similar issue a year back (they missed a fibroid of 4.5 cm growing outside the uterus and a dermoid cyst growing in another unusual place (on top of the ovary). This one was even bigger... After 3 months of banging about and crying I was even told that the pain I felt was in my head! That nearly made me go over the edge. That was exactly 1 day before they found what was wrong on an total body MRI scan.

Within days of them being removed I was back in great form, apart from the post op pain which was a doodle in itself compared to the prior months of pain.

Hang on in there.. Soon it will be over and just a memory.

Hugs xxx

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Thanks everyone

Found out late last night that I'm first on the surgery list this morning with my consultant. Very nervous and worried about losing an ovary. There is a cyst on each one but he's only removing the larger one as it's so big and catching so much pain, cutting out my endo and doing a dye test all at the same time. Really happy it's all getting taken care of at the same time. Feel a bit bad if it's knocked someone else off their spot. So keep your fingers crossed for me all goes well and I keep everything I need to make babies as I need all the help I can get!


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