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Is surgery too soon?

I had a laparoscopy to remove my appendix 8 weeks ago, where I was diagnosed with endometriosis, I had my gyne follow up today and they said they are going to do another laparoscopy in 6-8 weeks, is this too soon? Surely my body will still be healing from the appendectomy. He said my risk for complications doubles with each operation. This will be my 3rd op in just under 2 years.

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Hi u'll be fine hun don't worry I got rushed in while on hol in cornwall they didn't know what was wrong but decided to opp when I woke they had taken my appendix as it had been strangled an was green abdomin filled with pus from burst abcess on ovarie with a large tubo abcess still wrapped round my ovarie which they left in ? As 3am an didn't want to call gynae team in .... This caused huge row between surgical an gynae team in my bed area with curtins pulled round us all , I got sent home 5 days later an told to seek opp @ my hosp which I did but they tried to go in vaginally an it was too thick a substance to be retrieved that way so opp failed I got sent home, 3 months later I went bk in an had ovarie tube an endo taken out an burnt to hopefully stop regrowth 6 weeks later had scan. An found I had gallbladder disease so had it removed So that's 3 laps an 1 open hip to hip surgery an I was doing fine but alas endo is back with a vengence so bk I go soon with new. Complication of heart failure which no doubt will cause a prob but I'm still ticking over @ 46 years of age an I'm sure ur younger so u will breeze thro my love xx


Hi Fudgecake

I only had 12 weeks between my laps, had 12 weeks of prostap in between

Lilly x


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