Does anyone have 2 wombs or 2 cervix?

Hello all,

I have 2 wombs and 2 cervix and have never come across anyone with endo and 2 wombs and 2 cervix. was just wondering if there is anyone on here who has this and what they have done. the dr said that they cant remove the smaller womb as its stuck to some other stuff and surrounded in scar tissue so they cant see where to cut. and about the 2 cervix i dont know if there is anything that can be done about this? thanks ladies!! xx

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  • Hi heather. I have same problem. Only diagnosed a year ago. Uterus diphelphus i think its called. And ive endo as well. I dont think having 2 wombs worsens endo much more than other cases only that we have 2 menstrual bleeds not 1. The only issue with 2 cervix is double smears from now on (the joys). My consultant has been great. He tells me it may be alittle harder to concieve but multiple births are more proablable as its possible to get pregnant in each uterus at different times!! im so glad to hear of someone with similar issue.i hope u are managing heather and feeling well. It might sound bit off the wall but i hope we got 2 for a reason... Who knows wat lies in store for us. :)

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