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Really anxious... Post op advice needed, please

I had a laparoscopy 10 days ago after months and months of pain and struggling to find anyone who'd help. Endometriosis was found, as was a cyst and scar tissue from a previous pelvic infection (that I wasn't aware of) I am still feeling terrible.... still feeling pain which is making me anxious and worried that the surgery hasn't fixed things. I am seeing my surgeon next week but I'm now getting panicky and feeling really ill. I just want my life back but after speaking to various GPs none of them gave me much reassurance. Is it normal to still be in pain this long after the lap?

After months of being ignored and fobbed off, and months of being in pain, I have just reached breaking point and finding I can't cope with it all.

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Hi Lucy, and sorry you are feeling so rough :(

10 days really isn't very long at all in terms of recovery; they've irritated the areas which were already causing you pain and although laparoscopy is billed as a minor procedure it will take time to heal. Additionally, any surgery messes with your hormones which makes you extra emotional and teary. So for 10 days post op it all sounds pretty normal. Do you know what they actually did while they were in there?

I'm sure by the time you see your surgeon next week you'll be feeling brighter

C xxx


I took 6 weeks to really feel well from one of my investigatory laps where a little bit of work was done. Another time I recovered much quicker - it really does vary. Wish you a speedy recovery and hope you will have benefit from your surgery once better. x x


Hi Lucy,

I know how you feel I was worried I wouldn't feel better too after my op and the removal of adhesions and stage 3 endo I am only 20 ( 19 when diagnosed ) its a scary time for anyone!

It's been 1 month tomorrow since the op I'm starting to feel alot better - still in pain but I think it's somehow easier to cope now I know what it is thats wrong!

I am the exact same with my GP's I had a really bad womb infection after my op and when I went for antibiotics and check up's they didn't seem to feel it would get better "/

You need to remember that you are you and can get back a 'normal life' back. Just don't give up :)

Hope your not in too much pain today!

Always here if you need to talk xx


It was such a nice feeling to wake up to all of your answers this morning, thank you so much for taking the time. I have felt so alone throughout the last 6 months with doctors permenantly making me feel like I'm a nuisance. My mum has been amazing but I feel like an emotional burden with her. And now I seem to be suffering from anxiety (which I never have before) it's all just making me feel worse. I was awake til 3am with sickness and a horrible anxiety feeling in my chest! Insane! I'm usually a very positive and happy person, but this whole thing has made me so negative and so low - it's like I've lost all hope and can't see past the pain and feeling ill. I also feel like I have a UTI now, but partially wonder whether it's all in my head!

Chrissie - thank you for the reassurance, I had a laparoscopy and helica ablation I think... the surgeon spoke to my mum briefly and told her that she lasered off mild endometriosis, removed a cyst and a load of scar tissue. YellowRose was spot on! So I guess she did quite a lot, the surgery was a good 2 hours.

Stevieflp - It's interesting to hear how different the length of time for recovery is - thank you for your kind words and encouragement.

YellowRose - thank you for all of your advice, I can't believe you watched the surgery! I have definitely found that I react badly to anesthetic... it's just so difficult to tell as some people say I should be passed the anesthetic effects and then others say it's probably still messing with me. I do agree that surgeons don't prep enough - mine told me i'd be fine and ready to go back to work in 3 days. I think that is where my true paranoia stems from. But really I am just frightened the pain won't ever leave, the last 2 months especially I've just lived in bed, barely seen my friends and not been able to do anything and so still being in pain is making me very miserable. I feel like such a drama queen!

Lauren - Thanks for commenting on this and I'm sorry to hear you are going through this so young! That is terrible about your GP. I would love to find a GP who would provide care and reassurance but I've yet to see one. One even told me I couldn't possibly have endo as you don't feel pain all the time. Really killed my faith in them! I miss my old doctor from my childhood who did genuinely care for my health. Really appreciate the positive words.

Thank you all. Just got to a point where I'm so anxious that I'm not sleeping and just feel like it's all getting worse and am feeling iller - I can't seem to relax with it!

You're words are a big comfort, so as i said at the beginning, I really appreciate you all taking the time to respond. I don't know anyone who has been through what I have and so as I'm sure you'll all agree, it can be isolating.



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