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Getting pregnant with endometriosis

Hi all just wondering what can be done about symptoms if you are trying to get pregnant? I'm finally stabilised after being very ill and having a lap but at 31 am considering having a baby with my new partner. I am obviously very worried about what will happen if I come off my pill previously I was bleeding for 10 days a time and in total agony for much of the month. Obviously I will speak to my dr but wondering if anyone has some experience?

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It is difficult honey, but the best thing to do is do everything you can to give your bodies the best chance to conceive in the first 6-12 months after coming off the pill.

Both start taking pre-pregnancy vitamins for about 3 months before you want to start ttc. You can just go for plain folic acid which is essential for potential baby, but I think us endo girls need all help we can get! Also, if possible, get your oh to wear baggy boxers and cut down on the beer, and take his multi-vits: mens sperm can be very easily improved, and is just as likely to be the cause of problems with fertility.

With regards to endo symptoms regretfully there isn't a great deal you can do as hormonal treatments can't be used when ttc. I have been ttc for 5 years (apart from a break when on prostap) and rely on pain management. I have tranexamic acid to reduce bleeding, mefanamic acid to help with pain (instead of ibuprofen), and codeine for when it's really bad. You can also look into the endo diet, I only do it when Im due to start and during my period, but it does help.

Hope that helps and good luck! Oh, and it's not just endo thats caused my ttc problems, I have a few other gynie issues that are mostly causing the problems.



Thanks for the reply! That's what I was worried I was going to hear.. It was so bad before working was really tough the bleeding was insane I think i'll have to give it some very careful thought as tranexamic and mefanamic acid had no effect and i'm on codine already.

Part of me says after being up half of last night on 6 codine with little effect I must be insane even considering the idea...


Hi there,

I'm in much the same position as you, I have severe pain and my husband and I are trying for a baby now. I had been given mefanamic acid for the pain but have only recently found that this too suppresses fertility! I've basically been told by my doctor that it's either put up with the pain in order to try for a baby or to go back either on the prostap injections or the pill again to relieve the pain! We are desperate to start a family so we have decided that I will manage as best as I can so we can try to get pregnant. Unfortunately clomid, one of the hormones which helps with ovulation aggravates endo. It seems we can't win... We just have to focus on the end goal, a lovely baby in our arms. Goos luck!x


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