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After lap, Prostap versus diet/yoga to manage endo?

Hi, three weeks ago I had a lap to remove stage IV endo. I've been told I need to have 6 months of Prostap to reduce the chances of the endo recurring. I've done some research and understand that the Prostap may reduce the severity of recurring endo but won't stop it completely. I'm also anxious about experiencing possible side effects. Given these 2 factors my preference would be to manage my endo with diet and yoga rather than take Prostap, but I sense that to refuse the Prostap would label me a 'difficult' patient and might have implications.for any future treatment I may need.

Has anyone else been in a similar situation? What choice did you make and did it work for you?

Many thanks.

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I'm probably the worst person to ask as I love prostap and would be on it forever if I could!

Having said that I am sure you will be fine to refuse it as a treatment, though I suggest discussing options with your consultant: they are quite used to people turing down treatments. Some people do manage symptoms with diet and vitamins and are successful at it, but (and I'm sorry for sounding negative) if it was always that easy we would all be pain free.

Don't ever feel like you will be classed as difficult. There are loads of options (the pill, mirena coil, low dose norethisterone) in addition to thinks like prostap. Have a look at a few books and really do your research (Living Well With Endo has loads of information about alternatives to medical treatment).

Even if you refuse the prostap and then decide in the future you want to try it they will let you, don't worry. I was adamant i wasn't going to have it, but when i changed my mind they organised it for me with no problem.

Good luck with whatever you decide x


The tactic my daughter and I used to use was to say to the consultant that this is a big decision(and it is for you) and I just need some time to consider all the options. This usually worked and meant that the doctor didn't label you as a difficult patient--it keeps the door open for future visits. Don't try to manage your change of diet on your own--make an appointment with a nutritional therapist--it will be money well spent. Another good book is Take Control of Your Endo by Henrietta Norton.Good luck x


HI Cloudyrain and Hilary100,

Thanks for your thoughtful and supportive replies. Cloudyrain you are the first person I've come across who says they love Prostap, so that's really encouraging, thank you! You're right about it not being easy to manage endo through diet - I'm under no illusions there, but it's something i'd like to try if i can.

Before my lap I was all prepared to give my consultant the response you and your daughter have used, Hillary100. Unfortunately, it was less than 24 hours after surgery when he came round to see me and I wasn't feeling very assertive, as i'm sure you can imagine!

Thanks - both of you - for the book references, advice and the encouragement. At times being processed by the medical profession can feel as though it's a bit of a David and Goliath situation so I appreciate it.

Take care both.x


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